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These are called irons, they are numbered 1-9 with various lofts and lengths. They can be used from the rough or anywhere, as can fairway woods.

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Q: What clubs are numbered and are usually used in the fairway?
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What type of club use for golf?

In golf, various types of clubs are used depending on the distance and type of shot required. The main types of golf clubs include drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

What are the parts of the golf club?

From bottom to top: Head, on which the side that strikes the ball is called the face Shaft, the pole Grip, the rubber or leather molded or wrapped handle There are basically three kinds of Golf club heads: Woods or Drivers, which were traditionally made of wood but now are often made of synthetics with metal faces. These are used to drive the ball off the tee at the start of the hole. There is usually 1 driver and 2 fairway woods in a full set of clubs. Irons, which were traditionally made of metal and still are. These are used to send the ball from the fairway to the green, as well as out of sand traps and other hazards. There are usually seven irons (numbered 3 to 9), with graduated angles of the faces. Putter, an iron club with a perpendicular face, used to direct the ball from the green into the hole. There is usually 1 putter in a full set.

Can you have a description of what each golf club should do?

Driver- Used for tee shots, usually hits the ball around 200-300 yards, it is the longest club in the bag. Fairway woods, also can be used as tee clubs. They come in 3,5,7,9, 11 and 13 woods. They can also hit the ball a long way from the fairway. Some players also use them for chipping. The irons come in 2-pw and are used for long to short range shots on approach. The have slim profiles and ascend in loft. The wedges are short, high lofted clubs ideal for getting the ball in the air and stopping quickly as well as pitching. The putter is the shortest club in the bag, it can be used on or off the green. It is used to hit the ball into or towards the hole.

How many digits are used for printing the page numbers of abook that has 215 pages?

If all pages are numbered (usually page 1 is not numbered) then 537.

Why are golf clubs called clubs?

Because A Club Is Usually A Long Stick, And Its Used To Play Golf, So Its Called A Golf Club.

What are each of your golf clubs for?

Basically your driver or woods depending on your set are used for your first shot: hitting the ball of the tee. This club has got the biggest face meaning it can get more distance. Then your irons are for using on the fairway to get your closer to the hole. I usually use my 9 iron most of the time on the fairway. Then your sand wedges are for getting out of bunkers and your pitching wedges are used for chipping onto the green but for chipping you can also use your irons. Then your other wedges or clubs like 5 or 6 irons are more for the use of getting yourself out of the rough where the grass is thicker. These clubs are a bit heaver and stronger. Then your putter is for putting the ball into the hole on the green. When using your putter you shouldn't take a big back swing just a light tap depending on the distance from the ball to the hole. I hope this helps :-)

What clubs does Ian Poulter use?

Ian Poulter normally uses a Cobra ZL Driver, a Titleist 909 F2 Fairway, Titleist Vokey Wedge, Titleist 909 H Hybrid Fairway, Cobra Pro CB Irons, and a Rife Aruba Putter. But at the Royal Birkdale, he used: Driver: Cobra Speed Pro Fairway Woods: Cobra Speed Pro Irons: Cobra Pro MB Wedges: Vokey Design Spin Milled Putter: Odyssey Black Series This is according to data from when this questions was asked (July 13, 2010).

What are the names of the original three clubs in golf?

AnswerI think the terms you are looking for are "brassie", "spoon", and "niblick" (and possibly "driver") . The woods and the brassie were named for their materials, while the spoon was named for its shape. I have no idea where the term niblick comes from. If you find a set of clubs made before WWII, you won't find 1, 3 or 5 woods, etc. Instead, the clubs carried actual names. At that time, the brassie was a long fairway wood; I believe it evolved into the 3 wood. I think the niblick was a medium fairway wood; evolving into the 5 wood. The spoon was a shorter fairway wood; I believe it evolved into the 7 wood. The 3 & 4 hybrids look very similar to a spoon, and essentially recreate it. My understanding is that, before there were true irons, the spoon was used in the same way the short irons are today, the niblick was used in the same way the long irons and the short fairway woods are today and the brassie was used like we use the long woods (driver & 3 wood). I believe that the irons themselves grew out of the spoon, as it differentiated into different shapes optimized for different playing situations and as new materials were introduced.It's fascinating that "woods" are no longer made of wood, and that the long iron hybrids aren't irons, but spoons.However, if you are looking for the names of the types of clubs, a prevous poster stated, "IF I HAD TO TAKE A GUESS, DRIVER, IRON AND PUTTER. IT IS THE THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLUBS IN YOUR BAG. ALL CLUBS ORIGINATE FROM THE PUTTER FROM WHAT I HAVE BEEN TOLD."I don't know about that last statement - its not something I had heard before.

How many irons are in a set of clubs?

A standard set of 14 golf clubs will contain many irons, which are customarily differentiated by the angle of loft on the clubface, although they will also vary in clubhead size, shaft length, and hence lie angle. Irons are usually numbered, with the 1 iron having the lowest loft, smallest clubhead and longest shaft, through to the 9 iron and wedges, which have the greatest loft, largest heads and shortest shafts. These different characteristics allow different irons to be used from a variety of situations, from the teeing ground, fairway, rough, or from within hazards, such as bunkers.

When do you use a fairway wood?

Put the ball forward in your stance, and take your normal swing. Some people do however like the imagine a long low take away. With a fairway wood you do not need to necessarily hit the ball into the ground like you would with an iron, but you can do so.

What are some Important Golf Gadgets for a Beginner?

Important gadgets for a beginner:• A golf bag of any size, shape, colour, or vintage.• Fairway wood, driver, OR hybrid.• A 7-iron or any numbered iron• A wedge of any size or shape• A putter• A bag of tees• A dozen golf balls (the more the better)• Sunglasses• Baseball cap

What is the thin stripe from tee to fairway?

There is no official name for it, it is just used so players can walk or ride on it to the fairway, so they don't have to walk or ride through the thick rough. Mainly for cosmetic purposes.