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at the end of the current season Chelsea had scored 103 league goals with Drogba scoring most followed by Lampard

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Q: What club scored the most goals in the English football season?
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Who scored the most goals in the 1989 English football season?

Arsenal with 73 goals (+37 GD). Alan Smith scored 23 goals for Arsenal who won the league (that night at Anfield) with 76pts.

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored for Liverpool this football season?

So far this season he has scored 1 goals. It is still incredibly early in the season though.

Who scored the most goals in English league football?

Arthur Rowley scored 434 goals in 619 gqame

Who is scored the most ever goals in English football?

Alan Shearer 260 goals

What is the most amount of goals scored in the English football league?


How many goals scored in premiership 07 08?

There were 1,002 goals scored in the English Premier League season on 2007 - 2008.

Who scored 60 goals for everton football club in 1 season?

dixy dean

Who in football have scored more than ten goals in their first season?

Fernando Torres

What football club has scored the highest number of goals a season?

Brittish Record ? Hearts who scored 132 League Goals, 9 Scottish Cup Goals and 17 League Cup Goals, a Grand Total of 158 Goals, in the 1957-1958 Season.

What team scored most goals in AFL - Australian Football League - finals games?

Collingwood has scored the most with 1849 goals as at the end of the 2010 season.

How many English teams have scored 100 goals in European football?


How many English football teams have scored 100 goals in Europe?