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Q: What club is the Brazilian Ronaldo in?
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Is the Brazilian ronaldo a Muslim?

In my opinion no the brazilian ronaldo is not a muslim

Is Portuguese Ronaldo related to Brazilian Ronaldo?

No they are not one is a Brazilian, the other is from Portugal.

Which Brazilian striker played both for Real Madrid and Barcelona?

Luis Ronaldo

Who is better at football Brazilian Ronaldo or portages Ronaldo?

Brazilian Ronaldo is better because he is fat and still kicks ass at soccer.

What is Brazilian ronaldo's real name?

It is Ronaldo Lima.

Is ronaldo Brazilian?

No Christiano Ronaldo is not a Brazilian but is from portugal.

How many goals did the Brazilian ronaldo score?

The Brazilian Ronaldo has scored 15 goals in the world cups he has played.

Is christiana ronaldo of real Madrid a Brazilian?

No Ronaldo is from Portugal.

Who was better in there prime Brazilian ronaldo or thery Henry?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo Brazilian?

No, he is Portuguese.

What is the nationality of ronaldo?

His nationality Is Brazilian .

Is ronaldo in in the Brazil wc squad 2010?

No Ronaldo is not in the Brazilian team anymore.