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It was Liverpool and West ham.

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Q: What club had the most players when England won the world cup?
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What club team had the most representitives in the England squad at the 1990 world cup?

glasgow rangers with 4 players

Which football club has provided England with the most players?

Aston Villa

Which country most rugby players world?

England have the most registered players with 2.5 million

What the most played online game in the world?

its club penguin it has 36,785,096 players in one day!

Which football clubs players has provide England with the most goals?

Aston Villa have supplied the most players to play for England, reaching 71 overall with the Denmark game circa 09/02/2011. This is more than any other club in the land and by some distance too.

Which football club has produced the most England players and how many?

Aston Villa top the list, and by some distance, with 71 players having been capped for England while playing for The Villa. The latest two players were Darren Bent, number 70 and Stuart Downing, number 71.

Which football club supplied the most players to the 2010 fifa world cup finals in south Africa?

It was Barcelona in Spain.

What country in the world has the most soccer teams?

Mexico has the most soccer players in the world. A close second to them is Brazil, the UK and America.

Who has most registered players rugby or hockey?

England RFU has the most

Who was the most valuble player that played on the New England Patriots?

Pro Football Reference has used varied metrics to determine that John Hannah or Tom Brady were the club's most valuable players in their history.

Which English football team supplied the most players to the 1990 England world cup team?

It must have been Manchester United.

Which club has sold the most 1 million pound players?