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shorts and tops, typically spandex in women's volleyball, knee pads, knee-high socks, volleyball shoes. Some players wear ankle braces, knee braces, wrist protectors, etc

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Q: What clothing is typically worn for playing volleyball?
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What clothing is typically worn foe playing volleyball?

Women wear bikinis Men wear shorts or trunks

What clothibg is typically worn for playing volleyball?

Usually shorts and a tank top jersey.

What typical clothing worn on the job if you are a waitress?

Typically a uniform. If not, slacks and shirt or dress for women.

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Kids Pajamas are typically comfortable clothing that can be worn by children to bed. It is typically flame retardant, and not too loose fitting so that flames do not catch the ends as easily.

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Typically worn clothing iin a quinceanera ceremony is if you are a girl a summer dress not that fancy more of a casual look but at the same time fancy. If you are a boy you wear a tuxedo with a solid color shirt like white, blue, brown ext...

What special clothing is worn on Hanukkah?

There is no special clothing worn on Hanukkah.

Are there specific sports shorts that should only be worn when playing specific sports?

No,but if you are playing with your friends and having fun.Otherwise if you are playing an organized sport then you should have a specific type of clothing.

What cloth is typically worn for playing volleyball?

Usually, to be the most comfortable in your playing time, you should probably wear some type of spandex, or you could possibly wear looses shorts. As for tops, wear something comfortable: maybe a loose cotton shirt. If you have jerseys, I prefer spandex material, or something tight. Not big and baggy that possibly could get in the way.

What clothing was worn for the Olympics?

A lot of different clothing is worn at the Modern Olympic games

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Dress clothing should be worn, though there's no specific requirement.

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A traditional Scottish outfit would be the kilt. This is often worn with a Prince Charlie jacket for a formal outfit, typically seen at weddings and black tie events, but can be worn casually for any occasion.

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nothing is worn

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What is type of clothing worn in brazil?

normal clothing

Are volleyball ankle braces worn on the inside or the outside of socks?

Acttive ankle braces are worn outside your socks

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There is not a scientific form of skirt. A skirt is a piece of clothing that is typically worn by a woman. Skirts can be made of any type of fabric but is mostly made of cotton.

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plain black and white clothing

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The type of clothing worn in England is very similar to clothing worn anywhere in the Western world. English people often are very fashionable in their dress.

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mainly kilts

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loin cloth

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clothing that was worn was very mature and productive. Nothing big but never wore any bright colors

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Clothing is worn to cover the human body.

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