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you mom oh pwnage

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Q: What classes would a NFL football coach take?
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What classes do you need to become a football player?

You take take any classes to become a football player

What classes would you take to be a football player?

The only classes you need to take are the simple ones in HS/College, so you can pass and be able to play. Other than that, you need nothing, although it is good to take classes you are interested in so you can have another career after NFL life. The closest thing to classes would be football camps over the summer.

What classes do you need to take to be a sports coach?

a rigt answer

When did bob stoops take over as head coach of ou football coach?

Bob Stoops was hired as head football coach of the Oklahoma Sooners on 1st December, 1998.

How long does it take to be a football coach?

28 hours

What high school classes should you take if you want to become a football player?

you dont take any classes

What classes would you take to be an artist?

you have to take art classes

Do you have to take classes to become a coach?

Yes, you need not only a degree in general education, but as well as physical education. Most schools require you to be a certified teacher to be able to coach. A classified coach would only be capable of being an assistant coach for not having a certified position.

What classes would be good to take in high school to help with football?

To play football in high school you will need to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better, so ALL of your classes are important to be able to play. Math classes may help you in critical thinking and in understanding directions.

What are the high school classes you need to take to be a sports coach?

Your High School classes only have a value in gaining you admission to a college.

What types of classes do you need to take to be a musician?

if you are in ochrestra you would take ochrestra, if you are in band you would take band. depending on which instrument you play depends on which classes you would take.

What sort of classes would you be required to take in order to get a degree in biblical studies?

Classes that you would be required to take in order to get a degree in biblical studies would be theology classes. One college that offers these classes is Nazareth.

What college courses should you take if you want to be a football coach?

you can get a degree in sports management

where can i take a CNA classes in modesto,CA area?

i would like to take cna classes

What classes do I need to take to become a dialysis technician?

You need to take a lot of science classes. I would recommend taking classes that a lot of nurses have to take. To get started, I would look at your local community college.

What classes would a zoologist have to take?

They would have to take zoology and animal science

what are AutoCAD classes what do they do?

They are classes that will teach you about engineering. I would take them if you are interested in engineering.

Is there a website that offers LPN classes?

You will need to take some classes in person no matter what but try here

What steps would i need to take in order to work in a custom car shop?

Depends on what your function there would be. If it's painting, take some classes for body painting. If it's fabrication, take classes for that. If it's rebuilding engines, take classes for that, etc.

How can I become a soccer coach?

Play the game, study the game, start at a lower level, take classes in sports science.

What kind of art classes should you take if you want to learn how to draw?

You should take sketching classes or drawing classes if you would like to learn how to draw.

Can I take commercial real estate classes year round?

Yes, you can take classes year round. I would look into a local school near you for classes.

What classes in high school would help you in cosmetology?

take math classes and responibilaty

Where can I take Phlebotomy classes in Los Angeles?

The most practical place to take Phlebotomy classes would be at the University of California. You may also take these classes at a medical school in your area or online.

What history classes should i take in high school to get into a good college?

i would probably try to take AP classes or more European and outside Studies classes