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Kansas city

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Kansas city

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Q: What citys has hosted the most final fours?
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Which venue has hosted the most final fours?

New Orleans

Which venue hosted the most Final Fours?

Kansas City

Which city has hosted the most final fours?

kansas city

Which venue stadium has hosted the most final fours?

The Kansas City Municipal Auditorium hosted nine Final Fours (1940-41-42-53-54-55-57-61-64). Old Madison Square Garden hosted seven, Freedom Hall has hosted six, and The Superdome has hosted four.

Who played in the most final fours?

North Carolina has.

What player has played in the most final fours?

Tyler Hansbrough and Christian Laettner.

What place hosted most final 4?

Kansas City

What two citys have hosted the most Super Bowls?

New Orleans Superdome is one of them, I believe we have hosted 8 (going on 9) so far. I am guessing but I believe Miami is the other city.

What school has been in the most Final Fours without winning a championship?

UConn Huskies women

What state has had most teams in the history of the NCAA tournament?

North Carolina has had the most Final Four teams, with UNC going to 18 Final Fours, Duke 15, and NC State 2, for a total of 35 teams.

Which cricketer hit most fours in one day international?

Uzair naseem hit most fours in cricket

What coaches have the most final four appearances?

John Wooden has the most, probably Coach K is up there. John wooden has 11 Final Fours: 1962, 1964, 1965, 1967-1973, 1975. Coack K has 10 Final Fours: 1986, 1988-1992, 1994, 1999, 2001, 2004. UCLA went to 10 consecutive Final Fours from 1967-1976. The next longest Final Four streak is held by Cincinnati and Duke with 5. Cincinnati did it from 1959-1963 and Duke from 1988-1992, both schools winning back to back championships along the way. Several Schools have 3 consecutive Final Fours including: San Francisco(1955-1957), Ohio St(1960-1962), North Carolina(1967-1969), Kentucky(1996-1998), and Michigan St(1999-2001). UCLA repeated a mini streak under coach Ben Howland with 3 Final Fours from 2006-2008.

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