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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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Q: What city was the first to hold the summer Olympic games twice?
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What was the first US city to host the Olympic Summer Games?

It was St. Louis in 1904. Los Angeles (twice) and Atlanta are the only two other cities to have hosted summer games.

How many times has Germany hosted the summer olympic games?

twice (Berlin 1936 and Munich 1972).

Has London held the olympic games before?

Yes. Prior to the 2012 Summer Games that are scheduled to be held in London, the 1908 Summer Games and the 1948 Summer Games were held in London.1908, 1948, and 2012The London Olympic Games have previously been held twice: in 1908, and 1948.

All of the cities in Australia or newzealand to host the olympic games?

Australia has hosted the Summer Olympics twice ... 1956 in Melbourne and 2000 in Sydney. New Zealand have never host an Olympic Games.

First city to hold the winter Olympic games twice?

Paris in 1900 and 1924.

When were Olympic Games held in 1950s?

The Olympic Games were held twice in the 1950s. The first time was in 1952, and the second time was in 1956.

How many times India hosting Olympic games?

India never hosted olympic games.

Has India ever hosted the Olympics?

Australia has hosted summer Olympics twice. Once in 1956 and again in 2000. However, in 1956 games Equestrian events were held five months prior to the main event in Sweden as quarantine regulations did not allow the conduct of Equestrian events in Australia.

Which city has hosted the Olympics twice?

* The ancient Olympic Games were always held in Olympia, Greece. * The modern Olympic Games were first held in Athens in 1896, and were held there again in 1906, as the first of a second series of Olympic Games, the intercalated games, to be held in Anthens every four years in between the games being organised by cities around the globe. Though Athens 1906 had a big influence on the Olympic movement, the series didn't continue, making 1906 a bit of an exception, usually ignored in lists about the Olympic Games. * Paris was the first city to host the Olympic Games twice, hosting them in 1900 and again in 1924. (Ignoring the intercalated games.) * Counting the intercalated games, Athens was the first city to host the modern games trice: 1896, 1906, 2004.

Who was the only athlete to win the Olympic marathon twice and in successive Olympic games?

Abebe Bikila.

Who is the the only athlete to win the Olympic marathon twice and in successive Olympic games?

Abeba Biliki. Ethiopia

Who was the only athlete to win the olympic maraton twice and in succsesve Olympic games?

Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia.