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Q: What city has the most professional soccer teams?
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What city has most professional soccer teams?


What American professional sport has the most teams?

Soccer has more than 200 teams. The NFL has 32, Baseball has 30.

What sport has the most professional teams?

soccer is the sports that has most pro leagues. It even has a World cup.

Who has the most teams?

soccer because all the countries and then city players

Who are the most popular Spanish soccer teams?

Real Madrid is the most popular spanish soccer teams

What world city has the most top level soccer clubs?

Istanbul in Turkey with 23 teams.

What is Dider Drogba most known for?

Dider Drogba is most known for playing professional soccer, or as the Europeans call it, Football. Drogba is 35 years old and has played soccer for 5 different teams.

What are the most popular soccer teams that David Thompson plays for?

Most popular soccer teams David Thompson has played would be Liverpool. Just behind come Coventry City and Blackburn Rovers. Hope you find this helpful.

What are the most valuable Italian soccer teams?

Inter Juve and Milan are the most valuable Italian soccer teams

What city are the Pumas from?

There are teams called the Pumas in many sports in many places around the world, especially if you consider school teams. The most famous are Pumas from Mexico City. A soccer team, the most popular through the youngsters.

What city has the most professional sports team?

The city of Los Angeles, and also California has the largest amount of sports teams in North America

Which English city hosts the largest number of professional football teams?

London holds the most football clubs.

What is most famous soccer team in turkey?

The famous soccer team is the FA and they were the first soccer teams.

What country in the world has the most soccer teams?

MEXICO has the most =]

How many players play as a team in soccer?

There are eleven players on a soccer team - one goalkeeper, and ten outfield players. In most professional matches teams are allowed five substitutes in the squad, of which they can use three.

Professional soccer player?

The most famous professional soccer player is known all over the world but is now retired. This professional player is David Beckham.

Who are the most famous women soccer teams?

the matildas

What are the most talked about soccer teams in the world?


What professional sport has the most participants?


What is the most Popular event in soccer?

The World Cup, where the best national soccer teams compete.

Are there any professional teams outside the SPL in Scotland?

Yes most teams are professional or semi-professional in the Scottish Football League. Queens Park are famously amateur.

What is the rules of professional soccer?

Professional soccer rules are specific to the type of professional soccer being played. For example, clearly indoor soccer is significantly different than outdoor soccer. However, there are worldwide official soccer rules known as the "Laws of the Game." The rules are maintained by the International Football Association Board, and published by FIFA. Most, if not all, professional soccer leagues subscribe to these basic rules.

What are the most popular soccer teams in US?

America and Chivas.

How many players are on a soccer football team?

The professional and most popular version of the game consists of two teams of 11 players. Other variations are commonly 5, 6 or 7 to a team.

Name two soccer teams in Argentina?

The most important teams from there are Boco Juniors and River Plate.