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Q: What city and states do the padres go to get sun?
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Where do you find a sun stone in pokemon ruby?

you must go to the mosdeep city and go to the "rocket fly"(the biggest building in this city)and tlk to the white shirt man,you will get a sun stone

How do you get to sun shore city on Pokemon platinum?

go to youtube

What is after you fail 18000 times?

Go to sun shore city

What did sumerian city-states often go to war with one another?

Sumerian City-States often fought over Land, Resources, and Water.

Why did city-states go to war with each other?

My money is on religion.

Why did city states go to war with each other?

to claim land

How do you get a sun stone in Pokemon Ruby?

You can find a sun stone on some wild pokemon, or you can go to Mossdeep city, and a man there will hand you one.

Where do you get a sun stone in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to Mossdeep city , then go to the space station, talk to the sailor, and he will give you a sunstone.

Why did sumerians city-states often go to war on another?

Over land and water rights.

To what city did the escaped slaves go?

They didn't really go to a certain city; they went up North because that's where all the free slave states were. The South is where they had slaves.

Where you can find the sunstone in Pokemon Sapphire?

Go to Mossdeep city, and go to the Space center. Inside there you will see a Sailor who will give you a sun stone.

Where can a Sunstone be found in Ruby?

Go to mossdeep city and find the space center go in and talk to everyone one will give you a sun stone.

Of any new glitches in pirates of the Caribbean online?

ok i got anew glich i dont think alot of people now about this bc they changed padres so go bihind padres that so called gost town, now go all the way to the beach, enter the water now go to the very edge of padres in the side where that gypsy is ( not undead gypsy), now its likes trying to go to the main side of padres but it wont let u but there is a glich if u try very hard. then u can see the isid of padres and go swimm anywhere that is a brand new glich that wahve been made

Where do you see the sun going over the Pacific Ocean and go down the Atlantic Ocean?

Panama City

Why did sumerian city states often go to war with one another?

for food and water

What rights did women have in the city states of sumer?

Have fun and go on adventures and make babies

Where did mongols go to trade?

trade between china other small city states .

Why did the city states go to war with eath other?

They fought over boundary lines

What is mike cameron's at bat song?

When he was on the Padres it was Go Getta.

What years did the padres go to the world series?

1984 and 1998

What year did the padres go to the world series?

In 1984 and 1998.

Is Sun Life Insurance valid in all 50 states?

"Yes, Sun Life Insurance is available in all 50 states. If you want more information, go look on their website. You should be able to find everything you want to know on there."

Where to find sun stone in Pokemon emerald?

1rst go to Mossdeep City then go into space station talk to a man on 1rst floor and he will give u a sun stone. he should be waiting somewhere round the ledge.

How do you get to sun shore city in Pokemon platinum?

well first capture girate in disorion world net go

What do you do when the sun is really bright on Pokemon ruby version?

you have to go to sootopolis city were you catch groundon.hope i helped. by night