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Turin, Italy.

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Q: What city and country were the 2006 winter olympics held?
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Which country was the host of 20th winter Olympics in 2006?

Italy, the city was Torino

What city was the host of the last winter Olympics?

The last city to host the Winter Olympics was Torino, Italy in 2006.

Which city hosted the Olympics in 2006?

The 2006 Winter Olympics were hosted by Turin in Italy.

Which Italian city hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics?

The city of Turin in NW Italy hosted the Winter Olympics from February 10 to February 26, 2006.

What city and country held the first winter Olympics?

The first winter Olympics were in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

Where were the 2004 winter Olympics?

There were no Winter Olympics in 2004. The 2004 Summer Olympics were held in Athens, Greece. The 2002 Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, USA and the 2006 Winter Olympics were held in Turin, Italy.

Which city and country hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics?

The 2002 Winter Olympics were held in the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is winter Olympics country and city?


Where was the 2006 winter Olympics held city and county?

Torino, Italy.

City and country of 2014 winter Olympics?

Sochi, Russia

How did the city and country prepare for the 2010 winter Olympics?

Vancouver, Canada.

Where was the site of the 2006 Olympics country and city?

Turin, Italy

What city located on the Po River hosted the 2006 winter Olympics?

Turin, Italy.

Which country has won the most gold medals in one Winter Olympics?

Through the 2006 Games in Turin, that is the Soviet Union with 13 at the 1976 Winter Games in Innsbruck and Norway with 13 at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

As of 2006 which country has hosted the most Winter Olympics?

The United States has hosted 4 Winter Olympics ... 1932 at Lake Placid, 1960 at Squaw Valley, 1980 at Lake Placid, 2002 at Salt Lake City. France has hosted 3 Winter Olympics (1924, 1968, 1992). Switzerland (1928, 1948), Austria (1964, 1976), Japan (1972, 1998), Italy (1956, 2006), and Norway (1952, 1994) have hosted 2 Winter Olympics. Germany (1936), Canada (1988), and Yugoslavia (1984) have hosted 1 each. The 2010 Winter Olympics are schedule to be held in Canada and the 2014 Winter Olympics are scheduled to be held in Russia.

What country hosted the 1st Winter Olympics?

France in 1924. The city was Chamonix.

What country was the site of the 1998 winter olympic games?

The City of Nagano, Japan was the host for the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Where were the winter Olympics held before Torino Italy?

Before the Winter Olympics were held in Torino Italy in 2006, the Winter Olympic Games were held in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States of America.

Which city and country is hosting the next winter Olympics?

Sochi, Russia is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics. It is the first Olympic Games hosted by the Russian Federation. The USSR hosted the Summer Olympics in 1980.

What city and country is hosting the winter Olympics 2010?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

What city and country held the 1st winter Olympics?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

2009 winter Olympics what city were they held?

There were no Winter Olympics in 2009.

Where were the Winter Olympics held in 2002 and 2006?

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2002 Turin, Italy 2006

After Japan which country had the winter Olympics?

Japan has held the Winter Olympics twice, in 1972 (Sapporo) and 1998 (Nagano). In 1976, the Winter Games were held in Innsbruck, Austria and in 2002 the Winter Games were held in Salt Lake City, USA.

Which city in Vancouver are the Winter Olympics being held?

Vancouver is a city. Vancouver, British Columbia (Province), Canada (Country)