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WNBA games are on NBATV, ESPN, ABC, and ESPN2. They are also on the local channels for the teams.

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Q: What channels are WNBA games on?
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Are dunk rare in WNBA games?


How many games are in a WNBA season?

There are 34 games in a WNBA season, not including playoffs. The most there could possible be in a season, including playoffs, would be 43.

Is the WNBA on ESPN?

Yes, and the playoffs are usually on ABC. Most of the WNBA games are actually on ESPN2, but occasionally they will be on ESPN.

What do you have to do to be eligible for the WNBA draft?

What do you have to do to be an the wnba What do you have to do to be an the wnba What do you have to do to be an the wnba

What WNBA team won 2007?

The Phoenix Mercury defeated the Detroit Shock in five games (3 games to 2) to win the 2007 WNBA Finals. Phoenix point guard Cappie Pondexter was named the Finals MVP and this was the Mercury's first WNBA Championship.

How many games does an WNBA team play every season?

34 games a season

Why are there no WNBA games to play on PlaystationXBox Wii?

Because they only make games that will sell...

Who was the 2010 WNBA chapions?

The Seattle Storm defeated the Atlanta Dream in 3 games (3-0) to win the 2010 WNBA finals.

How long are the games in the WNBA?

Teams in the WNBA play four 10-minute quarters. Each overtime period, if needed, is 5 minutes. Games usually take about 2 hours to be completed.

Who won the 2009 WNBA championship?

The Phoenix Mercury defeated the Indiana Fever in 5 games (3-2) to win the 2009 WNBA finals.

What channels are playoff games aired on?

The channels are FOX,CBS,NBC

How many people attend WNBA games?

Since 1999, the WNBA has a total average attendance of 8,403 per game. I found the WNBA average on the attendance page of an individual team...

What Wii games give you channels?

The wii games don't give you channels. You have to go to the wii store, which you have to be able to connect to the internet, to buy the channels. Most of them are pretty cheap.

Who won the 2008 WNBA chapionship?

The Detroit Shock swept the San Antonio Silver Stars in three games to win the 2008 WNBA Finals. Detroit shooting guard Katie Smith was named the Finals MVP and this was the Shock's third WNBA Championship.

How many people watched the WNBA championship?

Ratings are typically poor for the WNBA Finals each year. On average, only around 400,000 people watch the finals games.

What channels carry little kids games on television?

Channels that I find to be creative in games on television are found mostly on most of the cartoons that teach children. It depends on the carrier that you have in order to give you the specific channels.

When was the WNBA established?

The WNBA was established in 1997.

What is Salary of a WNBA athlete?

haha the wnba

What year was Kim Perrot inducted into the WNBA Hall of Fame?

The WNBA did not induct her into the WNBA Hall of Fame

What does WNBA stand for?

WNBA stands for Womens National Basketball Association

What year was the WNBA started?

the wnba was sarted in 1996

Does the WNBA have a D-league?

No the WNBA does not have a D-League.

What is the job outlook for the WNBA?

what is the job outlook in the wnba

Where do a WNBA player work?

being in the wnba is their job

Who is Dallas' WNBA team?

there are no dallas wnba teams.