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Q: What channel can you get the Detroit Lions game on locally?
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1934 Thanksgiving football game?

Detroit Lions

Did the Detroit Lions win a game in 2010?

With one game remaining in the 2010 season the Lions have a record of 5-10.

The first Thanksgiving Football game was started in 1934 by what teams?

The first Thanksgiving game was between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. 26,000 Detroit fans packed the University of Detroit Stadium, and a coast-to-coast radio audience was listening. But the local fans were disappointed: the Bears won the game 19-16. The Bears edged out the Lions 19-16 The Bears edged out the Lions 19-16

What two played on Thanksgiving day in 1934?

The two teams that played on Thanksgiving day in 1934 were the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears. This game was the first ever Thanksgiving Day game for the Lions.

Did the Detroit Lions lose every single game in 2008?

Yes. The Detroit Lions became the first team to go 0-16 in an NFL season.

What were the scores of the Detroit Lions championship games?

* December 15, 1935: Detroit Lions - 26 New York Giants - 7* December 28, 1952: Detroit Lions - 17 Cleveland Browns - 7* December 27, 1953: Detroit Lions - 17 Cleveland Browns - 16* December 26, 1954: Cleveland Browns - 56 Detroit Lions - 10* December 29, 1957: Detroit Lions - 59 Cleveland Browns - 14NFC Conference Championship game - January 12, 1992 (Washington Redskins - 41 Detroit Lions - 10)

Was the noise penalty ever enforced in the NFL and when?

Yes at a Detroit lions game the lions were penelized for the crowd noise

Detroit Lions last playoff game?

The Detroit Lions last playoff appearance was 1999, their last conference championship was in 1957 also that was the year of their last championship.

What were the dates for the Detroit Lions 23 game losing streak?


Eagles be wearing in their throwback game against the Detroit Lions?

Blue and Gold

How many games did the Detroit Lions win a playoff game?

Just 1.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers last play the Detroit Lions?

The last time the Steelers played the Detroit Lions was on October 11, 2009. The Steelers won the game 28-20.