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Q: What championship Yankee pennant showed the old Yankee stadium?
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How is the word determination used in a sentence?

His determination to win the tennis championship was so strong that it showed in his facial expression.

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It was Derek Jeter on September 15, 2010 during a series against the Tampa Bay Rays. Replays showed the ball hit the end of his bat.

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his brother showed him his brother showed him his brother showed him

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showed is a verb

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you showed it

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What abilities of aliguyon showed that he was very intelligent

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It showed the racist attitudes did emotional damage AP3X ;)

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many famous people showed gratitude

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Exhibited, displayed, and revealed are some of the exact verbs for showed.

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because he showed the ability to lead because he showed the ability to lead because he showed the ability to lead

First game played at gilette stadium?

The very first game played at Gillette Stadium was a Major League Soccer matchup. The game took place May 11, 2002, when the New England Revolution faced off against the Dallas Burn. The Revolution won the game 2-0. This game is considered as a "soft opening" for the Stadium, as no ceremonies etc were held. In regards to the Grand Opening, the first football game held on September 9, 2002. The New England Patriots faced the rival Pittsburgh Steelers, who they last faced in the 2001 AFC Championship game. Coming off their first Super Bowl win, the Patriots mauled the Steelers 30-14 in the Stadium opener. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw for 294 yards, 3 touch downs and 0 interceptions to lead the Patriots to victory. (Interestingly enough, in order to preserve the Grand Opening of the Stadium for a regular season game, the New Englad Patriots played all four 2002 Preseason games on the road.) All through out the game, the Steelers were taunted on the Stadium Video Replay system, where the stadium techs continually showed a clip of Steeler quarterback Kordell Stewart saying "The better team didnt win" in reference to the Steelers loss in the 2001 AFC Chamionship Game. It was a sight to behold.

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when the sun came out for an hour and showed its face.

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it showed tensions in the colonies from the rich and poor and it showed racial hostility.