What causes sporting arousal?

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Sporting Arousal is caused by the pressure of an event, turning into excitement

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Q: What causes sporting arousal?
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What does sporting arousal mean?

People have fetish's for footballs

What causes cervical mucus to become viscous?

Sexual arousal

What causes arousal in sport?

it caused by a presure of an event, turning into excitement.

What causes sexual arousal?

Someone dressed in sexy clothes, flirting, exc.

What is Donald Hebb's theory of optimal level of arousal?

Medium arousal is optimal for performance. Too much or too little arousal hampers performance.Optimal Levels: For easy tasks- at the higher end; For harder tasks- at the lower end (since too much arousal causes anxiety)

When was The Arousal created?

The Arousal was created in 1988.

When was Arousal Disasters created?

Arousal Disasters was created in 2003.

Why does arousal effect sports performance?

it gets the blood pumping. causes more of a drive which leads to your testosterone pumping hard.

What sports have low arousal?

you need low arousal for sports like gold & bowls where as you need high arousal for rugby.

Definition of arousal in sports?

This is the stimulating of the senses before or during a sporting event which can have positive or negative effects on your sporting performance , This can be analysed by : Drive theory - This is linear and never reduces performance Inverted U theory - This states too much arousal reduces performance and it is a steady decrease Catastrophe theory - This is the same as inverted u theory but rather than steady drop it is a steep drop straight down but later does improve performance again.

The brainstem is to arousal as the limbic system is to?

The brainstem is to arousal as the limbic system is to emotion.

What is a cognitive arousal?

thoughts that leads to cognitive aware of need is cognitive arousal...

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