What causes breast swelling?

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Pregnancy or breast cancer .

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Q: What causes breast swelling?
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What causes swelling?

What causes swelling?

Does cancer present as a swelling under the arm pit?

The most likely cancer that would present as a mass in the arm pit is breast cancer. This is due to lymph node swelling, as a result of breast cancer that has metastasized to lymph nodes in the "tail" of the breast tissue in and near the arm pit.However, before becoming overly concerned about a swelling in the arm pit, check with your physician first. There are many more benign causes than malignant causes.

What are systems of breast cancer?

A few breast cancer symptoms are a lump in the breast, swelling in armpit, and pain in breast.

What causes pain in the apendix?

Inflammation causes swelling and irritation of the appendix. The swelling rubs against surrounding tissues and causes pain.

What causes swelling of the chest?

causes by our sweat glands.

What skeletal disorder causes pain stiffness and swelling of joints?

Arthritis causes pain, stiffness and swelling of joints.

What causes tongue swelling?


What causes flutters sore breast and cramps?

What causes flutters sore breast and cramps?

Is a small swelling below the breast a sign of cancer?


Can breast cancer be caused by swollen lymph nodes?

Nobody knows what causes cancer, but swelling isn't likely to be a cause. Swollen glands are a symptom of infection, not a cause of anything.

What causes a woman to get a breast infection even if she did not have a baby?

Not losing her vaginity to me causes her to have breast cancer

What causes swelling of the head in bovines?


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