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The way the batter is holding the bat and/or standing affects a hit ball to go foul, right, or left. Also, how strong the batter is and the weather affects the hit ball.

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Q: What causes a hit ball to go foul right or left?
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How is called the posts that divide a foul ball in the outfield?

Those posts are down the left field line and the right field line are called 'foul poles'.

Is it a foul if you hit your opponents ball in pool then pot the black when you have none of your balls left?

Yes. If your object ball is the black 8 ball and it is not the ball that is hit first, it is a foul.

Can a batter who starts his at bat left hand and takes a strike can he go back and bat right handed in the same at bat?

Yes...but if he switches after the second strike and then hits a ball foul...the foul counts as a strike and he is out

If you have one ball left and the eight ball and you hit the eight ball into your ball and they both go in do you still win?

No, the 8 ball must be potted on it's own, potting it with another ball is a foul. ADD: Technically correct, but not complete...potting it with another ball is a foul, but as the rules state, pocketing the 8 ball on a foul is loss of game.

In Pokemon how do you get a masterball?

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Can a left handed bowling ball be drilled for a right hand?

There is no such thing as a left or right handed bowling ball. When the ball is drilled the pattern will be based on the left hand or right hand measurements.

Is it a fault to go left right left in the triple jump?

As long as there is no foul on the jump it is perfectly legal

How do you kick curve ball in fifa online 2?

you curve the ball by shooting the ball n curve either right or left with the left or right arrow keyz

Is the wall in foul territory?

The outfield wall between the left field foul line and the right field foul line is in fair territory. All other walls are in foul territory.

How do you bend the ball to the right by kicking the ball with the right foot?

hit it with the outside of your foot on the left hand side of the ball

What is when you you have a right ball in your right hand and a right ball in your left hand?

it means you have a pair of balls in your hands but who's r they

What is a slider ball?

A slider is similar to a curve ball in the fact that it breaks from left to right or right to left depending on if your a righty or lefty, but the ball doesn't break downward like a curveball does.