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The dreaded SHANK.

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Q: What causes a golf shot where the ball flies low and sharply to the right?
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How do you throw a gyro ball?

Hold the ball like a sinker and flick your wrist sharply to the right.

What are the examples of forces that causes motion?

when you hit a ball and it flies into the air

What does slicing the golf ball mean?

Slice: A slice is when the ball is left of the target and then curves sharply to the right for a right-handed player, like the shape of a banana. For beginning golfers this is the typical outcome of most shots. A severe slice is commonly refurred to as a banana ball.

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Only if not caught sharply and directly by the catcher.

What causes a hit ball to go foul right or left?

The way the batter is holding the bat and/or standing affects a hit ball to go foul, right, or left. Also, how strong the batter is and the weather affects the hit ball.

To grab a ball as it flies through the air?

to catch the ball

If you throw a ball up in the air gravity causes it to fall when does its velocity reach zero?

Right before it starts to fall

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