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a SOCCER CAMP! of course

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Q: What careers involve working with child and sport?
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What sport can mermaids not do?

all that involve land.

What sport doesn't involve maths?


What sports involve cardiovascular?

every sport

What sport did bowling involve?

Your Rocket Ballz!

What does management have to do with sport?

to check the player is in position and manage their careers

What has the author Thelma Barber written?

Thelma Barber has written: 'Working in sport' -- subject(s): Vocational guidance, Sports 'Careers and jobs without O-levels'

What sport involve trees?

Tree Climbing. Lumberjack.

Which sport doesn't involve a mask?

Tennis, cheereading, and volleyball.

What is a physical sport?

sports that involve some sort of movement.

Should athletes get academic credit for playing a sport?

Athletes should get Academic credit for playing a sport. It builds there talents mentally and physically The sport most likely builds teamwork skills which will come in handy in future jobs and careers. Some sports that involve lots of Teamwork are Basketball,baseball,soccer,gymnastics,volleyball and many more.

What winter olympic sport does not involve snow or ice?

Olympics biathlon

Can you say that sport is a science?

Sports INVOLVE a lot of science, but I don't believe sport is considered a legitimate science.

What does artistic gymnastics involve?

Artistic Gymnastis involve different variations of strength ,flexibility, artistic ability, and passion for the sport

What are some careers related to sport agents?

an athletic trainers are the best way to get this if you want it

What do all team sports have in common?

They typically involve teams playing sport.

How long has Stephanie rice been swimming?

She is been 16years involve in the sport >

Which sport does not involve sliding Curling badminton baseball or shuffle board?


Which sport involve pit stops?

Motor racing (Formula One for example)

What is the name of the sport from the film wild child?

The sport is called Lacrosse.

2003 Ford Explorer sport horn not working?

horn not working on 2003 ford explorer sport trac, just a clicking sound

What makes a sport a sport?

A sport is an activity in which mind and body are challenged. They must score at least 5 points on average in the "sport" and they must involve direct competition through a race score or any other way that does not involve a judge(s) to determine a winner. The winner is determined by skill and can be measured and not based on a judge's opinion.

Careers that deal with sports and make money?

Athlete, Physiotherapist, Sport Psychologist, Trainer, Agent, Scout

What did euphrasie barbier do as a child?

play sport

What sport did Sally Ride do as a child?

She was an astronaut

What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence His parents thought working at a sport would make him stronger?

at a sport