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Michael Schumacher has driven for four different chassis'during his run in Formula One: Jordan (1991), Benetton (1991 to 1995), Ferrari (1996 to 2006) and Mercedes (2010 to present).

*As of July 14h, 2012.

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He started driving for Jordan-Ford in 1991 and got signed by Benetton in the same year. Schumacher switched to Ferrari in 1996 and continued to do so until his retirement at the end of the '06 season. He returned, in 2010, to Formula One driving for Mercedes GP.

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Q: What car did Michael Schumacher drive in the Formula One racing track?
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What type of car does Michael Schumacher drive in formula 1?


Which team will Michael schumacher drive for in 2010?

Mercedes GP

What car does Michael Shumacher drive?

racing car

When did Michael Schumacher retire?

Michael Initially retired by the end of the 2006 formula one season but came back to drive for the Mercedes GP team at the beginning of the 2010 season where he stayed for three years. After the final race for 2012 in Brazil he retired for a second time and is no longer active in F1 racing.

Is there any age bar to drive formula one racing car?

Yes there is a age limit for a person to drive a formula car. It is about 22 years.

Which formula one team did jenson button drive for in 2008?

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What type of car does Michael Shumacher drive in Formula- 1?


What do formula one drivers drive when not racing?

they drive diffrent cars such as Camry's and stuff like that

When racing do you drive in drive or overdrive?

Neither. Racing is almost always in manual transmission.

What car does Michael Schumacher drive?

He will be driving for Mercedes GP in 2010. In Formula 1 he drove for Ferrari between 1996 and 2006, Benetton between 1992 and 1995 and Jordan in 1991 (for the last six races of the season).

Did Mark Martin drive for Aaron's?

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How much does Michael schumacher make?

Michael Schumacher's EarningsMichael Schumacher According to Forbes,was the Swiss-born racecar driver makes an estimated $2 each year to drive his Ferrari Enzo. I'm sure he can't complain. His Ferrari Enzo is just his everyday car, so $2 is about enough, though he foots his own petrol bills. I am sure we dont earn money just to drive our cars. His F1 racing is the thing that pulls money in for him.He was actually one of the most paid professional atheletes in the world in 2004. Remember, these guys get huge amounts of money from endorsing products (like Tiger Woods in Nike commercials). And Formula 1 racing is the most popular racing organization outside of the United States. He was paid $80 million in 2004. He was then paid $60million in 2005, because Fernando Alonso won the season, advertisers decided not to chose him for endorsements.Last year he made roughly 49 million last year he got 52 million eurosIn 2010 he was asked to return to formula one for a paycheck of 7 million dollars.