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HPA means high pressure air, so it basically means everything you breath in compressed into a tank

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Some people have used scooba tanks but this it is strongly recommended that you don't. Play it safe, and only use fill stations at your local paintball shop and/or field.

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Q: What can you use to refill a HPA paintball tank?
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Do all paintball guns run on CO2?

All paintball guns require propellant, but some use HPA or high pressure air, instead. HPA tanks are more expensive and holds less shots, but are significantly more consistent (accurate) and easier and cheaper to refill. You can also tell how much you have left on a HPA tank.

Can a 9Oz paintball tank be used with an 09 proto slg?

You should use HPA with a Proto SLG.

Tippmann us alpha black tactical paintball marker could you use a nitrogen tank on it and were can you get it refilled?

you cant use it or refill it

Can the bt tm7 paintball gun use nitrogen?

Yes, Tm7s can run on HPA tanks.

What type of tank does a cybrid paintball gun use?

Co2. Buying a Hpa tank for a cybrid is money that should be spent on a better gun.

Can you use hpa with a jt paintball gun?

It depends on what marker you have, a marker like a 3.5 Excellerator, Tac-5 (any marker of the TAC-5 brand) or a similar marker like these, you can use HPA in.

Does the tippmann alpha tactical paintball marker from ganders mountain need co2?

Yes. unless you use HPA.

Does a spyder sonix gun use a c02 tank?

Spyder Sonix can use any Co2 or HPA tank

Can CO2 tanks be used as nos?

Firstly NOS is Nitrous-Oxide, which is never used for paintball. "nitrogen" is another term for High Pressure Air tanks, because air is primarily Nitrogen. you must buy a HPA tank to use HPA. Not only can you not physically fill the wrong tank with the wrong gas, but It would destroy your burst disk if you tried.

Can a CO2 cylinder be refilled with argon?

You probably could fill it, but not to pressures needed for paintball gun operation, CO2 tanks should not be filled with any gas or liquid besides CO2. edit: you could use Argon in a HPA tank but not a CO2 tank

Can you use normal HPA on your FEP Quest?

Yes, any pressure or HPA tank on an FEP quest will work. It can not run on Co2.

Should you use an HPA tank on a tippmann a5?

Yes, just make sure to use a 4500 psi tank.