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The general term for piston is cylinder, and a cylinder might be made to work in this application. But a cylinder used in this manner, that is, a cylindrical shape connected in a machine that is used in the same way will almost certainly be called a piston by most investigators.

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Q: What can you replace a piston with that is not a different piston but an object that is not a piston?
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How do you replace a piston on a 1995 Nissan Maxima?

Remove engine, disassemble, replace piston, re-assemble engine and install. Good times!

Is it hard to replace piston?

It is just about the hardest most difficult part of an engine to replace. The engine has to come out. The head has to be taken off. The rod of the piston has to be disconnected from the crankshaft. the top of the cylinder has to have a ridge reamer operated on it to get the piston out.

Where can I find a online owners manual for free and How would you replace the piston on a 89 Oldsmobile Royal?

Which piston? what's wrong. If it's a piston in the engine, you'll need a major rebuild. If it's a master cylinder or wheel cylinder piston, just replace the cylinder, it's not worth the trouble.

Different between Chevy 350 piston and chevy400 piston?


How hydraulic crane lift the object?

Hydraulic pressure is exerted on a piston under the car forcing the piston and the car upwards.

How much is it to replace the piston rings?

How much does a car cost?

How do you replace piston rings on a Suzuki FA50?

you bring it to a shop

How do you replace the piston rings on a 1999 Saturn SL2?

If you are mechanically inclined it is cheaper to replace the entire engine

How do you replace a piston on a Honda crf150r?

you take the top off then take the piston with the shaft out and put new rings lol its easy im 11.

How do you repair Saturn SL2 piston rings?

You don't. The only solution to damaged piston rings is to take the engine block out of the car and replace the rings.

How do you replace a piston on a small engine?

need to be more specific on what kind of small engine to give you exact information on how to pull the piston. . . but generally you just need to pull the head and cylinder off. . . the remove the wrist pin that holds the piston to the piston rod and your piston will come out. . . now getting the new one back is is going to be a different story :) . . . you are going to have to stagger the ring gaps to make sure you are holding compression . . . basically just make sure none of the ring gaps on your piston rings line up when you put the new piston back in and oil your cylinder pretty good too helps with putting it in and with breaking in the new piston.

Can you replace rings in your mustang engine is it possible to pull oil pan remove rod bolts push piston to top of engine to replace rings putting on new heads anyway so access to top of piston?

Yes, just be careful not to scratch the crank journals with the studs on the piston rod.

How do you replace hydraulic fluid in a barber chair?

You can open the hydraulic cylinder and piston.

How do you replace the lifters in a V8?

take off the bolts at the top of the piston head

How do you fix a sticking piston on disc brakes?

The best thing you can do is replace the caliper.

Which change will always result in an increase in the gravitational force between two objects?

Reducing the distance between them. In theory, also increasing the mass; but you can't really change the mass of an object. However, you can compare the forces if you replace an object by a different object, which has a different mass.

Can you replace a nitro piston with a spring?

The Nitro piston is superior to the spring piston in design, but Yes, it can be converted back to a spring in most cases. It is best to have it done by an "air gun smith."

How do you change a piston in 93 Crown Victoria?

if you have to change a piston, you need to rebuild the whole motor. your going to have it apart any nad have to replace all of the gaskets.

How do you quiet piston slap?

The only way to fix piston slap is to replace them. Some oil additives will quiet them down some, there are several brands available.

Rm 125 has had rebore and piston kit put in has no compresion?

replace the cylinder gasket and check for cracks and replace the head gaskets

Can you replace a piston on an 2002 envoy without rebuilding the engine?

Remove head Remove oil pan Remove wrist pins and push piston up out of the head

How do you fix piston rings?

you don't fix piston rings. if you have bad rings you have to pull the piston and replace them. on most vehicles you have to pull the engine, then you take off the heads and oil pan. unbolt the caps from the bottom of the rod and push it out the top.

What type of piston is used for 1977 beetle?

You never replace a piston without replacing the cylinder too, as they're a matched set. The ones you want are for the 1600 cc engine.

Why is your charade leaking brake fluid from the piston?

Worn seal. Replace the caliber and bleed the brakes.

Why tire pump gets hot when it is used to inflate an object?

Because of the friction created by the compressor piston