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Do Exercise daily half an hour...

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Q: What can you do to make your stomach look smaller?
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Does ice shrink your stomach?

If you mean stomach fat, ice will not make your stomach smaller.

Which paint colours to make a room look smaller?

Darker tints will make a room smaller.

Do leotards make your stomach look big?

only if you have a big stomach. =========================== It's not the leotards.

How do you make your shoes look smaller?

you can't

Does anorexia and bulimia make your stomach smaller?

Yes it does, and it rots the lining of your stomach so badly it will ulcerate and cause excruciating pain.

Does hulahooping help make stomach smaller?

Hula hooping engages both the midsection as well as the core to help tone down the waist muscles. Continuous practice of hula hooping everyday will eventually make your stomach smaller.

How do you make teeth look smaller without filing?

Squint when you look at them.

Will sit-ups make your butt bigger or smaller?

Sit-ups help flatten your stomach and with that it makes your butt look bigger. Sit-ups do nothing to the butt. Sorry.

Would smaller tiles or larger tiles on a small bathroom floor make it look bigger?

smaller tiles would make it look bigger

Is it for a mirror to make things look larger or smaller?


What is the stomach responsible for in the digestive system?

The stomach churns the food into smaller and smaller pieces with the help of the strong stomach acid, Hydrochloric acid.

Will eating smaller meals shrink your stomach?

Eventually, yes.Our bodies are very good at adapting to what we ask of them, so if you consistently eat small meals over a time, your stomach will eventually adjust to a smaller size.No it will only make your indegesting smaller.

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