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This would all depend on where one wanted to purchase a New York Yankees hat from. For example one can purchase online at Amazon or eBay. Other options are to visit the store Lids as they offer a variety of hats including New York Yankees hats. The price varies between $35 and $50.

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Q: What can one expect to pay for official hats from the New York Yankees?
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Where did the New York Yankees get their mascot?

The Yankees had a mascot named "Dandy" from 1980-1985. They also had mascots that wore Yankees hats and resembled ballpark food during the mid-1990's. The Yankees have not had an official mascot since then.

Where can you get a New York Yankees hat for under 10 dollars?

Do a search for New York Yankees hats (or caps) on the auction site eBay.

What type of hat is the best selling hat?

Wide-brim New York Yankees hats.

What did the New York Yankees hats look like in the year 1911?

Pretty much the same as they do now

What major league baseball team sells the most hats?

That would be, by far, the New York Yankees.

If stores no longer sell the outdated New York Yankees hats for the year where do they go?

You go to the internet and they have special websites where you can buy them.

What is Justin Biebers fav sports team?

his favorite team is the new york yankees. that's why he is always wearing ny baseball hats.

What's sold at the New York Yankees store?

The New York Yankees are an American Baseball team with an impressive fan base and internationally known logo. At the New York Yankees store you can find various things with this historic logo. Some of the merchandise includes; hats, jerseys, belts, wallets, sweatshirts, sporting goods, and even authentic New York Stadium freeze dried grass.

What is Kevin Harvick's favorite baseball team?

Kevin James LOVES The New York Mets. He also has the hats too

What is the official food of Texas?

Cowboy hats

Does Amazon carry New York Yankee hats?

Amazon does carry New York Yankee hats. They have a bunch a different syles of New York Yankee Hats. Amazon has a whole line of MLB sport collection that they carry.

Where can one find a New York Mets retail store?

You can purchase official New York Mets merchandise from the official team web store. There should also be a souvenir shop located at Citi Field. You can also buy Mets hats and apparel on Amazon and eBay.