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Half your body weight(90 pounds)

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Q: What can average 180 pound kid bench press?
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What is the average bench press for a male over eighteen?

At age eighteen the average is about 180, but that number drops with age.

What does the average male bench press?

An average 13 yr old can bench around 120 but I do 180 to the guy above he said adult male(18yr+) not 13yr old. i think the average adult male bench presses at least 150.

How much can the average human male benchpress?

Pounds the average 175-pound man (aka : average weight, average height is 5'9 1/2) can bench-press one time: Age20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69Lbs 180 158 143 128 116taking an average from this gives the result that the average male, ages between 20 and 69 can bench press

How much does average cornerback have to bench?


How much is the recommended bench press for someone 16 and weighs 125?


How much should you bench-press if you weigh 180 pounds?

You should be able to press your own body weight 10 times in one set.

What does the average 14 year old bench press?

When I was 14 that is when I started to weight lift and I started off at 115 pounds and I weight 164. Now a year later I could bench 225 and I was 180 pounds. So I would say on average. If you are starting maybe 100 pounds or less. And if you have been weight lifting around 185-225

How much can Mike Tyson bench press?

At 14, he benched 180 kg/396 lbs. In his prime, he probably benched between 440 and 500 lbs.

How many calories sustain a 180 pound woman?

Aout 1,600 to 1,800 calories a day, on average.

What should a 175 pound 18 year old male bench?

Start at 80% of your weight and work your way up. I weight 175 and I can only do about 175 but my work out buddy weights 180 and can bench 300... so start at 80% which is 140.

How much does Mike Tyson bench press?

When Mike Tyson was 14, he benched 180 kg or 396 lbs. In his prime, he probably benched between 440 and 500 lbs.

What is 180 pound in stones?

180 pounds is about 13 (12.857142857) stone.

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