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  1. weather
  2. if the game is away
  3. how much it costs
  4. if the team is good
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Q: What can affect the attendence at a football game?
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What varibles can effect attendence at a football game?

Weather, seats available, opponents, teams, and rowdiness

What variables can affect attendence at the baseball game?


What is the average of attendence a kutztown university football games in 2007 season?

the average attendenc was about 2000 people per game.

Seattle memorial stadium attendence?

12000 for football, and about 18000 for concerts.

Colleges with longest consecutive attendence football games?

Nebraska with 304 games

What variables can affect the attendence to a football game?

Some variables that can affect game attendance:Who is playing (good teams vs bad teams)The weatherThe location of the gameThe cost of tickets/parking for the gameThe time of the gameWhat day of the week the game is played onThe availability of ticketsIf the game on tv or not (ie, blacked out in local market)If the game is available for streaming onlinePre-season game vs Regular season game vs Playoff game

How do you calculate attendence at baseball game?

count the people that walk in

What variables affect attendance at a football game?

There are a number of variables that affect attendance at a football game. Some of them include weather, teams playing as well the stage of the competition among others.

Did main road hold the biggest football crowd?

yes. the attendence was 84,569 against stoke city in the fa cup

What variables can affect attendance at a football game?

The football player girlfriend doesn't want him to leave from the bed.

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