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Keep your knees bent, don't lean back lean forward.

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Q: What can a skier do to make a good jump?
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How can a skier achieve greater velocity than a skydiver?

If a skier is in a jump, then a skier and skydiver is pretty much the same thing. In general though, a skydiver has only air resistance, the skier has air resistance and friction with the ski-snow, so the skydiver has an edge on speed.

How do you be a good snow skier?


Do you have a sentence for professional?

The skier is a profesional or really good at it.

How do you build a jump?

when you decide to build a good jump, you shold make sure you start small, you dig, shape then jump :)

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Is jack hoare the best skier in Ireland?

yes, jack hoare is a very good skier, i would say he is the best alright.

What is airborne skiing?

"airborne" skiing is where a skier uses a jump made from snow or any other jup and gets "airborne".

Skier in Spanish?

skier = esquiador

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The word skier is a noun. A skier is someone who skies.

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The plural of skier is skiers.

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The skier, not seeing the ice, went into a long skid.

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