What breed race in the Kentucky Derby?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What breed race in the Kentucky Derby?
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What breed must the horse be to enter the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is a race for Thoroughbreds.

What are the horse species that race in the Kentucky Derby?

Equus caballus. The breed is the Thoroughbred.

What horse race is in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Derby

When was Kentucky Derby opened?

The first Kentucky Derby race was run in 1875.

What is the name of sister race of Kentucky Derby?

The "sister race" for the Kentucky Derby is the Kentucky Oaks. The Oaks is a mile-and-an-eighth race is for 3-year-old fillies. It is held the Friday before the Derby.

What is the length of the Kentucky horse race?

By 'Kentucky Horse Race' I'll assume you mean Kentucky Derby as there are hundreds of races in Kentucky. The Derby is a mile and one fourth in length.

Is the Kentucky Derby the biggest horse race meet in the world?

Yes the Kentucky Derby is the largest horse race in the world and it is also the oldest.

What breed of horses run in the Kentucky Derby?

The ancestry of the modern thoroughbred traces back to three main sires. The Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian, and the Byerly Turk.

Is the Kentucky Derby a horse race?


What time zone is the Kentucky Derby race in?

The Kentucky Derby is held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, which is in the Eastern Time Zone.

Why would this year states 136 year of Kentucky Derby?

The 2014 Kentucky Derby was the 140th running of the race.

When was the first kentucy derby race?

The first Kentucky Derby was held in 1875.