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The two most common brands are Adidas and nike

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Q: What brand of spikes is worn by most MLB players?
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Which brand of helmet is worn by most NHL players?

Nike Bauer 5500

Which brand of gloves is worn by most NHL players?

They mostly wear a type of Bauer glove.

What famous NFL players have worn the number 53?

possibly takeo spikes...? not sure though

What brand cap is worn by baseball players?

New Era

Do you where cricket boots for bowling and batting?

Cricket shoes are worn if playing on a turf pitch. It gives the players more grip because they have spikes in them

What are facts about track?

When you run track a pair of spikes have to be worn.

Can soccer shoes be worn for football?

no you can't. Soccer shoes have spikes on theedge, and football shoes just have the spikes in the area of the shoe.......... :P

Which brand of baseball gloves is worn by most major league players?

Wilson because every spring training they have something called Wilson glove day where they will bring 12-13 bag filled with Wilson gloves and the players can choose which 1 or 2 they want

What sport are jodhpurs most commonly worn in?

Jodhpurs are tight trousers worn usually by Polo players. The name comes from the younger son of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, who popularised the fashion among Polo players.

How many players in the NFL have worn 00?

all the mascots have (no players)

What baseball players have worn number 49?

Players that throw knuckleballs

What is the black arm band worn on upper arm and its purpose worn mainly by football players?

They are worn in mourning, as a sign of respect for a deceased person that the players knew.

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