What brand of batting gloves does Carlos Delgado wear?

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Once I saw Carlos wearing Franklin gloves, but later on one game I noticed IDEE Fuzion-I Batting gloves with his Jersey number and name stitched on gloves. IDEEs are available on internet only. I also bought some of these for my this year game at

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Q: What brand of batting gloves does Carlos Delgado wear?
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What are the best baseball batting gloves?

The Demarini brand of baseball batting gloves are some of the best gloves. They cost anywhere from $24 to $35 dollars.

What brand of batting gloves does Josh Hamilton wear?

Franklin. They are called Franklin Carbon Fibre II batting gloves.

What brand of batting gloves do most Major League Baseball players use?

Most MLB players use Nike Sphere Batting Gloves or Mizuno Vintage Fit Batting Gloves.

What is the best baseball batting gloves brand?

wilson. try going with an a2000

What brand of batting gloves does david wright wear?

Nike, Im not sure the model though.

What brand glove does Alex Rodriguez wear?

Batting gloves: Nike Fielding glove: Rawlings

What is a good brand for leather work gloves to buy?

A good brand of work gloves to buy are Deluth brand gloves. They are durable, comfortable and long lasting. These are hands down the best gloves the working man or woman can acquire.

Where can one purchase Foxgloves brand garden gloves?

There are numerous retailers that sell Foxgloves brand garden gloves. eBay, Amazon and Lowe's are three main places where one can purchase Foxgloves brand garden gloves.

Where can you buy grandoe gloves?

You may purchase Grandoe brand gloves from the sierratradingpost website. Alternatively any store which offers gloves for colder weather may offer Grandoe brand gloves such as JDSports in the United Kingdom.

What brand does Jacoby Ellsbury have currently now for cleats bat batting gloves mit etc?

His uniform is Majestic, hat is New Era, like everyone else in the MLB, Nike cleats, Rawlings bat, Nike batting gloves, Rawlingsglove, Nike undershirt, Nike sleeve.

Are higher price batting gloves better?

depends what the brand of the glove is and if its in sale. but usually you just waant to find the glove that fits you best and not worry about if its cheap

What brand of glove does Derek Jeter wear?

He wears a Rawlings glove and Jordan batting gloves. Derek Jeter wears a Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRODJ2.

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