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Just about every major muscle group is involved in delivering a Bowling ball:

The gastrocnemius (calf), hamstring and quadriceps muscle groups in the legs are involved in the four-step approach.

The triceps, forearm and latissimus dorsi (upper back) muscles thrust and support the ball during the pushaway, while the lats, deltoid (shoulder) and pectoral (upper chest) muscles are engaged during the armswing.

The abdominal muscles of the core, especially the obliques, are involved in stabilizing the upper body through the highest part of the backswing, as well as adding power to the release.

The biceps and pectorals, as well as the forearm and wrist muscles, power the ball through the release, and may even impart a sideways motion that increases the hook.

Last but not least, the cardiac muscle (heart) pumps faster to deliver additional oxygen to all these muscles. This makes bowling a very healthy activity for almost everyone.

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Ulna, Humerus, Radius, Phalanges, Femur, Tibia, Fibula, and Patella.

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Q: What bones are used for bowling?
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