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Composite bats are not allowed cause they are to powerful. They must be BB core bats which reduces bat power when the bat makes contact with the ball.

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Q: What bats can be used in Pony Leagues?
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Can you use drop 5 bats on Junior Varsity?

No, Highschool leagues allow only -3 bats.

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Are you allowed to use softball bats in boys ten year old little league?

No you are not. The bats used must be Little League approved. Most leagues will provide bats if you do not want to spend the money to pay for one for your child yet.

In Little League can you use a tee ball bat in minors coach pitch?

No, BBCOR bats are not required for Travel Ball leagues. Travel Ball leagues are generally limited to bats bearing the USSSA stamp, but any bat that complies with the regulations may still be acceptable in some leagues.

Will youth baseball leagues eventually all use wood bats?

probably not

What is the difference between bats used in the major leagues and bats used in college baseball?

In the MLB, they use wooden bats and are able to break easier. In college, they use drop 3 bb core's and they're also metal, it's also harder to break. If you want to look at the bats, go to and search bb core.

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