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negative publicy in Basketball

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Q: What basketball teams are publicly traded?
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Are there any publicly traded professional sports teams in the us?


What baseball teams are publicly traded?

While trying to answer a similar question ("Are any pro sports teams publicly traded?") and I found this link. It's from 2006, but it makes this point: Currently however, there are no professional teams which are purely publicly traded companies. The whole article is here

What is the stock symbol of the New York Yankees?

No professional sports teams are traded publicly.

Difference between publicly traded and publicly traded?

Publicly is the correct spelling.

What is the stock symbol of the NBA?

The National Basketball Association is not a publicly traded stock corporation, and will not have a stock symbol.

Is Aldi publicly traded?

No, Aldi's is a private company. It does not have publicly traded shares.

How do you buy stock in an NFL team?

NFL teams are not publicly traded and are mostly privately owned. The only publicly owned team is the Green Bay Packers.

Are there any Publicly traded construction companies?

Are there any publicly traded construction companies?

Is Fisker Automotive a publicly traded stock?

is fisker auto a publicly traded stock

Is Chick-fil-A a publicly traded corporation?

No, Chick-fil-A is not a publicly traded corporation.

Is Forever 21 a publicly traded company?

No, Forever 21 is a private company. It is not publicly traded.

Computer companies whose company is traded publicly?

Dell and Compuware are two that are publicly traded.

Is Twitter publicly traded on the stock exchange?

No, Twitter is not publicly traded. It is a privately held company.

Is PricewaterhouseCoopers publicly traded?


What year did walmart stocks become publicly traded?

1970:Wal-Mart becomes a publicly traded company.

Is Facebook publicly traded?

As of February 2012, technically, it is publicly traded. It is yet to be listed on a stock market, however.

Is McLane Company Inc a publicly traded company?

McLane is owned by Berkshire Hathaway which, of course, is publicly traded.

Is under armour publicly traded?

Yes, Under Armour is a publicly traded company, under the symbol UA.

Is subaru a publicly traded company?

No. Subaru is a privately held division of Fuji Heavy Industries, which is publicly traded.

Is quicken loans publicly traded?


How are bonds traded?

publicly by intermediaries

Is Disney World a publicly traded company?

Yes, Walt Disney (DS) is a Publicly Traded company. Any company that shares its securities ( Bonds, stock, shares, etc.) is a Publicly Traded Company.

Is Applebee's publicly traded?

Applebee's is owned by DineEquity, Inc. (which also owns IHOP) which is publicly traded on the NYSE (DIN)

Is Aldi Inc a publicly traded company?

Aldi, Inc. is NOT a publicly traded company. It is privately owned by the Albrect family.

When did Yankee candle quit being publicly traded?

It was founded in 1969 and has been publicly traded since 1999 as YCC