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what team did earl lloyd play for

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Q: What basketball team did earl Lloyd play for?
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Who were the first two African Americans to play in the National Basketball Accociation?

Chuck Cooper was the first to be drafted. Nat "sweetwater" Clifton was the first to sign an NBA contract with a team. Earl Lloyd was the first to play in a game.

What color jerseys did earl Lloyd's team have?

no one knows

Who is the coach of the NBA basketball team the Atlanta Hawks?

Lloyd Pierce

How many players have to be on a basketball team for the team to to play?

At least five players have to be on a basketball team for the whole team to play the game.

What team does Earl Boykins play for?


What team does Earl Thomas play for?

Earl Thomas plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

What team does Diggy Simmons play basketball for?

He don't play basketball he a rapper

Who was the first black player on a 76ers team?

Julius Erving Wilt chamblin Earl Lloyd

What NFL team does Terrance Lloyd play for?

Terrance Lloyd plays for the Houston Texans.

What is the meaning of offensive play in basketball?

Any play made when a team has possession of the basketball.

What NFL team does Earl Watford play for?

Earl Watford plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

What NFL team does Earl Mitchell play for?

Earl Mitchell plays for the Miami Dolphins.

What NFL team does Earl Wolff play for?

Earl Wolff plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What NFL team does Earl Thomas play for?

Earl Thomas plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

Is 30 too old to play on the USA basketball team?

No, the age of 30 is not too old to play on the USA basketball team.

What NFL team does Brandon Lloyd play for?

Brandon Lloyd plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

Who was the first black basketball player in the NBA?

There are three players who claim to be the first African American basketball player in the NBA, each with legitimate reason to claim this. - Chuck Cooper: first African American to be drafted by an NBA team - Nat Clifton: first African American to sign a contract and make the roster with an NBA team - Earl Lloyd: first African American to play in an NBA game

What NBA team does Earl Watson play for?

Earl Watson plays for the Portland Trail Blazers.

What sport did the Redeem Team play in?


What you need to play basketball on a team?


What was the first basketball team ever to play at the Olympics?

the first basketball team was the USA to win but who played

What basketball team did Forrest Gump play for?

umm.... he never played basketball.

Do freshman basketball players play on the juniors basketball team?

if you are good enough to

Where do the BYU basketball team play?

The BYU basketball team is located in Provo, Utah, at Brigham university. They play college basketball. They also have a website if you want to find out more information.

What Basketball team does Lauren Jackson play for?