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You should play the postition that your best at ....

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Q: What basketball position should i play?
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What position should you play if you are 5 foot 8 in basketball?


Im 5foot 2 and in the fifth grade what position should you play in basketball?

Center or Power Forward

What type of player should a person play your position be in positions 4and5 in basketball?

Usually a tall and aggressive player.

How do you play guard position?

In Football or in Basketball??

In basketball the center position is also numbered as what number?

They play the '5' position.

What position did Jackie Robinson play in basketball?

Jackie robinson played baseball, not basketball

What position does the tallest person play in basketball?


What position did hakeem olajuwon play in basketball?


What position does Dwight Howard play in basketball?


What basketball position does Kevin ware play?


What position in basketball did Jackie play?

power foward

What does the tallest member of basketball team play?

Normally they play the center position.

What position in basketball does lebron James play?

small forward

What position does Amar'e Stoudemire play in basketball?

power forward

What position does the tallest player on a basketball team play?


What position does Justin bieber play in basketball?

short stop

What position did Zendaya play in basketball?

gard or shooting gard

What position does Lebron James play in basketball?

small forward

Should you play volleyball or basketball?

Basketball Definitly

Should i play basketball or football?

I say basketball because u can get hurt by play football. But if your better at football then u should play what u want.

What is a good height to be at the age of 12 if you want to be a basketball player?

It really depends on what position you play. Shorter players should be guards, average-tall players should be forwards and centres should be tall.

What should you do if you want to play college basketball?

Play high school basketball. Be really good at it.

Should college basketball players be paid to play basketball?


What is the hardest position to play in basketball?

They are all Hard and take Dedication

What position does the shortest player on a basketball team play?

Point guard