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The basic equipment needed for a bowler is the Bowling ball and bowling shoes. A bag to carry the ball in is common. Some bowlers use wrist aids for support.

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Q: What basic equipment is used for bowling?
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Where can one find cheap bowling equipment?

A great place to buy cheap bowling equipment is second hand on Ebay. Many times you can score a great deal on a used piece of bowling equipment that may look like new!

What basic equipment is needed for bowling?

A bowling ball and bowling shoes. Other equipment can include a wrist band of some sort, bowling bags and a towel for wiping off the surface of your bowling ball.Beerall you need for bowlings is the bowlings shoes and the balls and a score board you could go over hand by packing knee pads and elbow pads if you wanna.Bowling shoes

How is special Olympics bowling different from regular bowling?

It is no different, other than there may be special delivery aid equipment used, like ramps.

What is the basic equipment used in pole vaulting?

snow skiing :)

The number of basic shots in bowling?


What equipment do you need to play bowling?

The bare minimum would be a bowling ball, a pair of leather-soled bowling shoes, and of course access to a bowling lane with a full set of pins.

What are some examples of equipment used for juggling?

There are many possible examples for equipment used for juggling. Some jugglers may use items such as bowling pins, balls, bean bags and many other items.

What does bowling uniform and bowling equipment look like?

Bowling does not have a uniform per se. Most professional tend to wear slacks and a button up loose shirt with their names on the back of them. Common bowling equipment consist of a bowling ball, weighing between 6-16 pounds and a pair of bowling shoes. The shoes normally consist of a rubber heel and a slide pad on the front.

What organization establishes standard playing rules and equipment specifications for bowling in the US?

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

Where is the Historical Construction Equipment Assoc in Bowling Green Ohio located?

The address of the Historical Construction Equipment Assoc is: 16623 Liberty Hi Rd, Bowling Green, OH 43402-9309

Which sport uses poles as part of the basic equipment?

Skiing uses poles as part of the basic equipment.

What organization established rules and equipment bowling?

The American Bowling Congress was the first organization to establish rules for the game and equipment. Since then, the United States Bowling Congress maintains the rules of the sport in the US and other countries have their own organizations that maintain the rules in their perspective countries.

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