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Q: What baseball team was supposed to move to Los Angeles before the Dodgers?
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What city originally did the Dodgers come from?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a Major League Baseball team based in Los Angeles, California, USA. The team is in the Western Division of the National League. Established in 1883, the team originated in Brooklyn, New York, where it was known as the Brooklyn Dodgers, before moving to Los Angeles before the 1958 season

What was the dodgers baseball field named when Jackie Robinson played?

Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York. Robinson retired before the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles.

What was the origanial name of the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Depends how far back you wanna go. In Minor League competition, they were originally the Brooks, the Atlantics and the Bridgegooms. They became a Major League Baseball team and joined the National League in 1890, and then they were known as the Superbas and later the Robins before they officially became the Dodgers. They were the Brooklyn Dodgers before moving to Los Angeles, becoming the Los Angeles Dodgers for the 1958 season.

Where did the dodgers play at before los angeles?

Brooklyn, New York

What was the name of the stadium where the dodgers played before moving to los angeles?

the name of the dodgers stadium before they moved to la was ebbets stadium their last game there was September 24 1957.

Where did the dodgers played when they came to los Angeles?

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for four seasons before they moved into Dodger Stadium in 1962.

Does he still go and watch dodgers play?

Shakespeare never watched Dodgers games. He died before baseball was invented.

Where did the dodgers play before dodger stadium?

When the Dodgers first moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles they played their games at the Collisuem, where the USC Trojans now host their football games.

What baseball team had the name Angels before Los Angeles?

No one had the name before the Angels

How did the Los Angeles Dodgers get their name?

Well, actually the dodgers were originally from Brooklyn, New York and were called the trolley dodgers because back then in Brooklyn when u walked in the streets you had to DODGE the trolley cars. then they were called the grooms because some of there players were getting married that year. then they were finally called the Brooklyn dodgers until they moved to LA in 1955 (my town GO DODGERS!!!) and have been since then called the LOS ANGELES DODGERS!!! [Actually, the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to LA before the beginning of the 1958 season]

Where did the Los Angeles Angels play before Anaheim?

The "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" currently play in Anaheim. Before that, they played in Los Angeles as a baseball expansion team starting in 1961.

Why did the lakers move to los Angeles?

Major League Baseball's Dodgers had moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958 and had become a huge financial success. Lakers owner Bob Short, a shrewd young businessman from Minneapolis who had owned the franchise for two years, packed up the club and moved it to Los Angeles before the 1960-61 season.

What teams did manny ramirez play for?

He played for the Cleavland Indians, Boston Redsox, Los Angeles Dodgers, signed by tampabay but retired before playing

Who won the series in1974 World Series?

The Oakland Athletics defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in 5 games. It would be their last championship before the earthquake-ridden 1989 World Series. The A's would face the Dodgers again in 1988, with the Dodgers coming up on top.

Did the team have another name before it was called the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The LA Dodgers were once the Brooklyn Dodgers. In the late 1950s, both the Dodgers and Giants (then a New York team) moved to California. Yes, they were known as the Brooklyn Dodgers when the team was in Brooklyn. They were also known as The Brooklyn Bums or just 'Da Bums. They were the working man's team as opposed to the mighty Yankees who were known as the elitist man's team: the blue collar vs. the white collar teams. During the period from the '30's through the early 50s, the Dodgers were also refered to as the Robins. In the 19th Century, before they were re-named the Dodgers, they were called the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. The Dodgers were known as the Robins out of respect to their Hall of Fame manager Wilbert Robinson during the 1910s and 1920s. Brooklyn Bridegrooms, 1890-1898 Brooklyn Superbas, 1899-1910 Brooklyn Dodgers, 1911-1913 Brooklyn Robins, 1914-1931 Brooklyn Dodgers, 1932-1957 Los Angeles Dodgers, 1958-present

What team were the Dodgers before they moved to LA?

they used to be located in brooklin new york they were called the brooklin dodgers

What was the name of Jackie robinsons minor league baseball team before he joinded the Brooklyn dodgers?

The Montreal Royals, a Dodger farm club in the International League.

Where were the Dodgers before LA?

Brooklyn, NY (Ebbets Field)

What minor leaugue baseball team was Clayton Kershaw in?

Kershaw pitched for the Great Lake Loons (A) and Jacksonville Suns (AA) before he became the star pitcher for the Dodgers.

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What was the team Jackie Robinson played on before the Brooklyn Dodgers?

Before signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jackie Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarch, a Negro League in 1945, then he played for the Montreal Royals in 1946. The Royals were a AAA farm team of the Dodgers.

Where were the rams from before Los Angeles?

The Rams played in Cleveland between 1936-1945 before moving to Los Angeles in 1946.

Who did Jackie Robinson play for before the Dodgers?

He was a Dodger his whole career

The CITY that the dodgers played in before moving to la?

Brooklyn, ny

The city the dodgers played at before moving to la?

Brooklyn, NY