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Q: What baseball team started hazing bullpen pitchers with pink backpacks?
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When did baseball started?

baseball started in 1999

What year baseball started?

Baseball started in 1706 in Pitsburgh.

Who were the starting pitchers for the 1970 Baltimore Orioles?

Mike Cuellar and Dave McNally started 40 games and Jim Palmer started 39 games for the 1970 Orioles. Three other pitchers had starts ... Tom Phoebus with 21, Jim Hardin with 19, and Marcelino Lopez with 3.

How old was Michael Jordan when he started playing baseball?

Michael Jordan started playing baseball before he started plaing basetball

Who invented jansport backpacks?

JanSport backpacks were invented by a guy out of Seattle named Murray Pletz. Pletz started JanSport after he won a contest sponsored by the Alcoa aluminum company for his design of an aluminum flexible-frame backpack. Pletz teamed up with his cousian Skip Yowell, and founded JanSport in 1967.

How was baseball started?

baseball is a popular sport in the united states and it started in 1845 and it was played in England first

When did the backpack become popular?

I was injured, and had a body cast in 1970. I began using a backpack to carry books with my crutches. The next year, it seemed backpacks started to become popular.

What is the baseball state?

The baseball state is New York which is also where baseball started

In which country did baseball start in?

Baseball started in the he United States.

Did baseball players wear gloves when baseball first started?


What is the most amount of games that a team has had started by rookie pitchers?

Well, in the first season of baseball, everybody was a rookie... I wasn't able to exactly find rookie starters, but what I can do is find the most games started for a team in a season by pitchers who were making their 40th career game or less. Since 1954. The record for THAT, for what it's worth, is held by the fire-sale 1998 Florida Marlins, who had 139 starts by such players, and it isn't even close. 2nd place is the 1996 Oakland A's with 120. Hope this helps!

Baseball started when?

1901, officially.

What year started baseball?


Who were the starting pitchers for the A's and the Giants for the 1989 World Series game that was cancelled because of an earthquake?

The original scheduled starting pitchers for Game 3 of the 1989 World Series that was postponed due to the Loma Prieta earthquake were Bob Welch for the Oakland Athletics and Don Robinson for the San Francisco Giants. When the game was played, 10 days after the earthquake, the starting pitchers were Dave Stewart for the Athletics and Scott Garrelts for the Giants. Those two were the same pitchers that started Game 1.

What were the records of the 4 Cleveland Indian starting pitchers in 1956?

In 1956, the records of the 4 Starting Pitchers for the Cleveland Indians, Mike Garcia started 35 games for the game and he won 11 games but lost 12 of them, Bob Lemon started 39 games, won 20 games but lost 14 games, Herb Score started 35 games and won 20 games but lost 9 games and Early Wynn started 38 games and won 20 games but lost 9 games.

Who started gum chewing in baseball?

The person that the best baseball player

How many team when baseball started?

Well when baseball started their was rerly any teams so i would say about 4 or 5 if that!=)

How did Molly Pitcher impact the American revolution?

She helped carry pitchers for the soilders during the mamoth war. When her husband collapsed , she took his place as a soilder and started to fire .

When did steroids in baseball start?

They started in the 1980s.

When Major League Baseball started?


Who introduced baseball to Cuba and Puerto Rico and when?

puerto rico started baseball

How many baseball teams started in New York?

4 baseball teams were started in new york the yankees,dodgers,giants, and mets.

What rookie pitchers have started a World Series game?

a bunch. here's a list of the youngest world series starters:

Pitchers longest winning streak in MLB?

Carl Hubbell of the New York Giants with 24. The streak started July 17, 1936 and ended May 27, 1937.

What MLB pitcher has had the lowest era with a losing record?

For pitchers who started at least 20 games, Big Ed Walsh went 18-20 and had a 1.27 ERA in 1910.