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Honus Wagner

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โˆ™ 2009-05-01 15:03:19
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Q: What baseball player stopped their baseball cards from being sold in tobacco pouches?
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What baseball player pulled his baseball card because of Tobacco ads?

HONUS WANGER's card was designed and issued by the American tobacco Company (ATC) and he did not want kids buying cigarettes just to get his baseball card, so he refused to allow the production of the card

Name something a baseball player might be holding during the game?

Bat Mitt Baseball Batting Gloves Chewing Tobacco Water Bottle

What do baseball players chew?

Most people i know say that baseball players chew tobacco or something like that, but as a baseball player myself i think its not true because if they do they would come out positive in the drug tests. When i play i ither chew gum or eat flower seeds, but i keep away from tobacco. The MLB does not test for's legal and non-performance enhancing.

Why is chewing tobacco used in baseball?

At one time, at long since past, it was customary for baseball players to use chewing tobacco during a game. It produces extra saliva, and the nicotine in the tobacco satisfied a "habit" making the player feel more relaxed. When it became clear that chewing tobacco could cause lip or mouth cancer, the tradition died out. These days, often times players use chewing gum as a substitute for the old tobacco tradition.

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