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I think it is Satchel Paige.

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Q: What baseball pitcher has been shutout the most?
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Which MLB team has been shutout most in 2011?


What pitcher have the Most wins baseball pitcher?

Cy Young 511

What is most dangerous position in baseball?


What pitcher in baseball history has the most perfect games?

In baseball history there have only been 18 perfect games by 18 different pitchers.

Which MLB team has been shutout most in 2010?

The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Which pitcher had the most strikeouts in the history of baseball?

Nolan Ryan has the most career strikeouts in the history of baseball.

Baseball player to be hit the most times by the pitcher?


Most wins in 1 year by a pitcher in baseball?


What Major League Baseball pitcher has the most career postseason shutouts?

Christy Mathewson, Hall of Fame pitcher with the New York Giants, is MLB's all time postseason shutout leader with 4. After Josh Beckett's shutout in Game 1 of the 2007 ALDS series with the Angels, he is tied for second place all time with Whitey Ford and Mordecai (Three Finger) Brown with 3 postseason shutouts.

What is the most popular position in baseball?

In youth baseball it is usually Pitcher, and same in pro.

What NHL team has been shutout the most times in one season?

The Columbus Blue Jackets were shutout 16 times in the 2006-2007 season. They were even shutout twice by the Nashville Predators in just 6 days.

In what kind of sports does a pitcher have role?

The pitcher is most dominant in the game of baseball. The pitcher is responsible for throwing the baseball towards the batter and thus initiating each and every play with his or her pitch.

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