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They are nearly equal in ability.

The Flatline puts a more consistent spin on the ball, but is always on and only does a backspin.

The Apex still does a good spin, but can be turned off and adjusted while playing without needing to take the barrel off.

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Q: What barrel should you get for a tippmann a5 an apex or flatline?
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Will a flatline barrel fit on a tippmann crossover?

It uses a5/x7 threads but it has a slanted shell and would not fit normally. However an Apex barrel will work just fine.

What is the most accurate Tippmann A-5 paintball barrel for the price and length of the barrel?

This depends on you budget, quality of paint and what job you need done. If you are close range, the stock barrel is fine. if you need long range, get an apex or flatline barrel, if you want maximum accuracy, you need a two piece barrel and paint that fits the bore perfectly.

Will apex tip fit on your regular barrel for a tipmann 98 custom?

It depends on the threads of the Apex barrel. If the threads are that of a autococker, A5, or spyder then no, it will not fit. Though if it does have Tippmann threads then by all means it will fit.

What is a bt apex barrel what does it for paintballing?

The Apex barrel is BT's upgrade to the Tippman Flatline barrel. It allows the shooter to "curve" the ball around or "dive bomb" over the top of bunkers by putting a spin on the ball. It also will allow the shooter to get extra distance out of a shot by putting a back spin on the ball. How the it works is the tip of the barrel has a ridge that gives the ball a spin like a curve ball or a spin on a ping pong ball. You can get the same effect by turning a Flatline on the side.

Is the tippmann A5 flatline good?

"Good" is a relative term. The flatline is curved in such a way that it puts backspin on the ball, causing its trajectory to be flatter, making it go farther. With this, it Also decreases accuracy slightly because it exaggerates any dented or dimpled areas on the paintball, because it is now spinning. For any Mid or Cover Player, the flatline is a great tool for increasing range. However It is not recommended for Front players or "snipers" because it decreases accuracy. A better option than the Flatline is the APEX barrel which does exactly the same job of backspin, but is adjustable in shot length (which is inversely proportional to the accuracy) and can be turned left and right for hooking shots or bunker shots (which fly down rapidly).

How far does a project salvo paintball gun go?

All markers generally go the same distance, unless you have a specific barrel that adds backspin to the ball (apex barrel or flatline barrel). Typically they range in the area of 75 to 100ft. Much of this depends on the velocity.

Good upgrades for the tippmann a5?

It depends what needs improvement. More range- Flatline or Apex barrel More accuracy- CP 2 piece barrel less weight- carbon fiber barrel (AZ carbon) and tank (Crossfire) Cold weather problems-cyclone squishy paddles Dont like bottle shouldering- folding butt stock and remote line (rap4) too slow- Electric or response trigger Looks bad- numerous body kits (opsgear, trinity paintball)

What are the best accessories for the tippmann 98?

The best way to increase accuracy is a new barrel with removable inserts like a custom products 2 piece. Also a HPA tank will help. To decrease weight, get a remote line and stock, as well as a carbon fiber barrel like the AZ carbon. to increase fire rate, get a response or E-trigger and an electric hopper or q loader. For longer range, look at an apex tipped or flatline barrel. for better looks, go for any kits from rap4 or opsgear.

What are good tippmann A5 barrels?

For short barrel, Tippmann makes a 3 inch "smg" barrel. (this will decrease range and accuracy) For an accurate barrel, a Custom products two piece 12-14 inch are cheap and consistent barrels. (this depends on paint quality) For a light barrel, The Azodin or stiffi Carbon fiber, or Carbon wrapped barrels weigh much less than pure aluminum. (my AZ 16 weighs the same as 14 us quarters) For longer range, An Apex barrel is the most adjustable and usable. Like a flatline barrel, in creates backspin, causing the ball to go farther. It has 8 settings of spin as well as being able to rotate 360 degrees, for long shots, hook shots and drop shots. (The more you increase spin, the less accurate and fast the paintball becomes.) If you want a Milsim look, a CP tactical, or any rap4 shrouded barrel will look great.

What gun shoots the longest?

The T4 is the only marker that shoots significantly farther than any other gun standard, because it uses finned half shell paintballs called first strikes. The farthest shooting conventional barrel is the APEX or Flatline barrel, which puts backspin on the ball.

What are good upgrades for the tippmann 98 custom to make it better and better looking?

Performance: A good upgrade from the start would be an expansion chamber It really helps make the CO2 more consistent. An apex or flatline barrel will help with lenght. A custom products should help with accuracy (depending on paint quality) A stock and remote line makes the gun lighter A response trigger helps with shooting faster, and can be used in full auto. An E trigger makes it shoot faster, but is not very useful for the majority of games. Looks: Collapsible stock, Barrel with rails, Red dot sight, Ak47 kit, M4 kit.

Should you get the tippmann alpha black or the battle tested delta elite paintball marker?

The Delta elite without question. It has an apex tip and an electric hopper, and electric grip.