What ball will bounce the highest?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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* Probably a regular rubber bouncy ball or a fully pumped Basketball.

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Q: What ball will bounce the highest?
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What type of ball will bounce highest?

A bounce ball will bounce the highest!!!!!!!!!

Which ball bounce highest?


Which ball can bounce the highest a basketballbaseballor a tennis ball?

a tennis ball

What is the highest bouncing ball in the world?

a tennis ball will bounce the highest as in sports or a bouncy ball bounces higher than that

Which ball size will bounce the highest?

Bounce height will not depend on the ball's radius. It will however depend on the material of the ball and the speed at which it hits the ground

Which ball bounces the highest out of a golf ball and basketball?

A golf ball would bounce higher than a basket ball.

Type of ball bounce the highist a tennis baa or a basketball?

A tennis ball will bounce the highest because it is smaller. The smaller amount of mass that it has the more it will bounce and the higher it would get. For example, when you put air into a ball the more mass it builds up but, when the ball is flat it would not bounce.

What makes a golf ball bounce?

AnswerIt has to do with the material a golf ball is made out of. It is a extremely strong material. A golf ball needs to bounce high to be able to get hit by a golf club and fly through the air and hit the ground and bounce. Due to that information a golf ball will bounce highest compared to almost ANY other balls. A golf ball is the winner of bouncing the highest.

Which ball between a large ball and a small ball with the same amount of air pressure witch ball will bounce the highest?

small ball

Which type of ball will bounce the highest?

A basketball. Or there wouldn't be so tall players.ha ha! ---- ----

Which ball bounces higher. golf ball hockey ball tennis ball or cricket ball?

Its a fat foot ball tennis ball my balls bounce the highest

What type of tennis court makes a tennis ball bounce the highest?

Artificial court I think .