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Q: What ball is thrown farthest football baseball basketball?
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Related questions

What ball can be thrown the farthest a baseball football or tennisball?


In what sport is the ball mostly thrown?

baseball, basketball and football....... one of these i guess

Which ball baseball football softball or golf ball will go the farthest when thrown?

golf ball, most aerodynamic

What is the farthest Michael Vick has ever thrown a football?

16 miles, fact!

What s the farthest thrown baseball on record?

430 feet

What is the farthest anyone has ever thrown a football?

The longest throw of a football was 168 feet and 4.8 inches. It was performed by Thomas Gronnemark, a native of Denmark.

What is the farthest thrown football by a quarterback?

mike vick threw a footbal 88 yards and it left his hands at 65mph

Which baseball bat will go the farthest?

A fake plastic bat is nown to be thrown the farthest out of any other bat.It is becayse the plastic bat is the lightes bat of all.

What is the farthest a baseball bat has been thrown in professional baseball?

probably 90 or 180 feet, nobody can throw the distance of two bases

What is the farthest someone has thrown a baseball?

The farthes home run ever was 634 feet by Mickey Mantle for the NY Yankees

How you can relate physics with football?

Projectile motion as the football is thrown, forces as the football is thrown as well.

What would be considered a projectile?

Any object following a ballistic trajectory, e.g. thrown baseball, struck baseball, thrown football, bullet fired from gun, rocket after engine burnout, missile warhead.

How many yards can a professional quarterback throw a football?

To my knowledge the farthest thrown football was by Randall Cunningham. In a post-season friendly-shootout he heaved one 73 yards. What I don't understand is that, atleast in baseball, they say about 75% of pitching power is in the legs, yet jay cutler was able to throw a ball 60 yards on his knees. Both Cutler and Flacco routinely throw for that distance (73 yards). I think Russell threw it the farthest at over 85 yards.

Does wind affect the motion of a football that is thrown?

Yes wind affects the motion of football that is thrown. Apart from the motion of the football is also affected by gravity. The various laws of motion applies when football is thrown.

What can be thrown the farthest a tennis ball or a baseball?

Because of its weight and density, it's clear that the air-filled tennis ball cannot be thrown anywhere near the distance of a baseball. This is even more so in modern day baseball which is super-hard, and designed that way, some people say to allow for more home runs.

What is the farthest someone has thrown a football?

Joe Namath, Matthew Reed, and a couple others have been credited with throws of over 90 yards but keep in mind that the strongest arm ever may not belong to a QB

What was the farthest a tennis ball was thrown?

254ft. world record

Why does the football spiral?

A football spirals based on the way it is thrown. It will be a perfect spiral if the football is thrown with the spin on the exact axis of the ball.Ê

What goes farther a football being thrown or a soccer ball being kicked?

Football being thrown

What is the world record for the farthest a football has been thrown?

In a game, the longest verifiable throw of an American football is 82 or 83 yards. It took place between Dallas Cowboys QB Don Meredith and superstar receiver Bob Hayes. It resulted in a 95 yard touchdown.

What is a ball thrown across a football field an example of?

A ball thrown across a football field is an example of a projectile.

In a football game What is the longest yards a football been thrown?

93 yards is the longest thrown yardage in history

What is the most interceptions ever thrown in a high school football game?

most interceptions thrown in state of texas high school football

When thrown by the same person which can be thrown farther a baseball or a softball?

A baseball can

How does the mechanical energy of a football change as it is thrown?

Before it is thrown is has potential energy and when it is thrown and moving it has kinetic energy