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Depends on your level of play , if its recreational or professional or maybe a higher level.


Li-Ning TB Nano 120 II Badminton Racket

Adidas adiZero Pro Badminton Racket

Babolat X-Feel Essential Badminton Racket


Yehlex OPS Ti-2890 Badminton Racket

Wilson Comp Micro C 83 Badminton Racket

Victor Density LB 775 Badminton Racket

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Q: What badminton raquet should you have?
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How do you wire a badminton raquet?

You can't if you need to rewire it then you have to by a new badminton raquet.

Which raquet sport has the highest net?

Badminton, I would think.

Does a badminton raquet get wrecked in the rain?

it wont get wrecked at all!

Which is a bigger raquet badminton or tennis?

A tennis raquet is bigger, and stronger too as it has to hit tennis balls not shuttlecock.

How do you buy yonex badminton raquet?

You go to a store and buy one.

How the badminton has changed over the years?

the raquet and the way people dress

What is a badminton racquet?

a badminton raquet is the peice of eqiupment that people (that are playing badmintom) use to hit the birdie/shuttlecock. - Chow

Is a badminton raquet bigger than a tennis raquet?

NO a tennis raquet is bigger and a lot heavier. in some cases it is not a lot hevier because babolat raquets are sometimes made out of a material that is ove 50% lighter than a normal raquet. they call these Ultra Light Raquets.

What were badminton rackets made of?

BATMITON raquet is made up of carbon fiberand lighter metals

The size of a badminton raquet?

It shall not exceed 680mm in overall length and 230 mm in overall width

What is height of the badminton?

Varies from player to player, generally you don't want a a raquet longer than your forearm.

What is the height of badminton racqute?

Varies from player to player, generally you don't want a a raquet longer than your forearm.

What happens when you don't restring your badminton racquet?

Dare I say it. But your raquet wouldn't have any strings. Assuming they've broken.

How is badminton diffents than other racquet sports?

In badminton the players hit a shuttlecock (cone shaped object with rubber nose and feather flights) whereas in other raquet sports they hit a ball

With which pieces of sporting equipment does one play badminton?

One plays badminton with a raquet for each player, a birdie or shuttlecock, and a net. The net is set at five feet one inch, and one needs a court to play on.

What are the violations of the badminton?

I know a few like: you can't touch the net with yr raquet and yr racquet must nver past over d net

How did racquetball get its name?

You hit a Ball With a Raquet so they just called it raquet ball...

Can you use a tennis racket for badminton?

You could, if you were so inclined.Very few people would want to play you though, as the tennis raquet has a greater surface area, making it harder to score against you.

Why tennis is the most popular raquet and ball sports?

It is the only raquet and ball sport that is known to many people across the world, and the only ball and raquet sport aired on popular TV.

How do you select tennis racket?

you select a tennis raquet by checking its weinght the wdith and how big should the head be

What should i do to improve your badminton skill?


Which is the costliest raquet in badminton?

Yonex racquets are generally the most expensive racquets. The most expensive would be the latest release racquets as older models get progressively cheaper over time. At the moment, it's the Nanospeed 9900.

What was the first tennis raquet made out of?


What are the sports that you use a raquet for?

Tennis, badmitton.

Is ssg raquet gay?

most definitely