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The "Rookie of the Year" award.

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Q: What award is given to an individual baseball player from each professional baseball league who has the best rookie season pitching or hitting or fielding?
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What are four things a baseball player should know about baseball?

hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding

What is a specific skill you'd have to be good at to be a professional baseball player?

batting, throwing, catching, running, pitching, coordination

Can you purchase pitching machines at Sports Authority?

Sports Authority does sell both baseball and softball pitching machines. Prices range from $120 to upwards of $4000 for the professional model.

Who is the best baseball plyer?

it depends on what category you are talking about.Like pitching,fielding, baserunning or hitting for power or contact.

What does pitching a no-no mean?

'Pitching a no no' is baseball slang for pitching a no-hitter.

What is the distance between the pitching mound and the home plate in professional baseball?

60 feet and 6 inches between home plate and pichers rubber

Was Honus Wagner a good baseball player?

Yes Honus Wagner was a very good player in baseball. He was good at hitting and pitching and fielding. He also won a World Series Game.

Who started the traditional first pitch of a baseball game?

Theodore Roosevelt did the first pitch in a baseball game so the players can see how amazing he was at throwing and pitching and catching and batting and fielding and holding a baseball.

In twilight Who was pitching during the Cullen Baseball Game?

In Twilight, Alice was pitching in the Cullen Baseball Game

What are some pitching tools in baseball and softball?

It all depends. Baseball and softball pitching mechanics are way different.

What is the measurement of a pitching rubber in baseball?

18" & 24" Pitching Rubbers & Sets.

How does the cerebellum affect a baseball player?

The cerebellum controls balance and coordination, and baseball is 90% about coordination. A excellent cerebellum will mean that a baseball player will have top-notch accuracy when pitching or fielding, and great ability to hit a baseball. If an athlete is able to enhance the cerebellum, they will undoubtly do better at it.

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