What athletes are chad sending to london2012 Olympics?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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They are sending two athletes. Hinikissia Ndikret is a 200 meter sprinter and Carine Ngarlemdana is a 70kg class judo fighter. They are sending no male athletes.

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Q: What athletes are chad sending to london2012 Olympics?
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What sports are Chad participating in at the 2008 Olympics?

Chad sent two athletes, Moumi Sebergue and Hinikissia Albertine Ndikert, to participate in the 2008 Games in Beijing. Both competed in the 100 meter dash and were eliminated in the first heat.

Which athletes are from Chad?

Barro, maddau, kimppsey

When did the country Chad first take part in the Olympics?

1964 Summer Games in Tokyo. Chad sent two athletes to compete in athletics at the 1964 Games ... Ahmed Issa in men's 800 meter run and Mahamat Idriss in men's high jump. bish

Has Chad ever won the Olympics?

Unfortunately not :(

What games did Chadd Africa participate in the Olympics?

Chad has participated in 10 Summer Olympics (1964, 1968, 1972, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008). They have sent athletes to compete in athletics (track and field), judo, and boxing and have won no medals.

How can you meet Chad Le Clos?

Go to the Olympics

Which countries are sending help to Darfur?

United States, China (not really sending weapons) Libya and chad

How many gold medals did chad win in the 2008 in the Olympics?

Chad has yet to win an Olympic medal.

Who won the bronze medal in the men's 100 m butterfly at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Chad le Clos of South Africa and Laszlo Csech of Hungary shared the bronze medal

Why was chad hedrick chosen for the winter Olympics?

Because he is an outstanding long track speed skater.

Which Olympic events have the athletes from Chad participated in?

Chad has competed in athletics, boxing, and judo at the Olympic Games. For the 2012 Games in London, Chad currently has one athlete qualified to compete ... that being Carine Ngarlemdana in women's middleweight class (-70 kg) judo.

What has the author Chad Starkey written?

Chad Starkey has written: 'Therapeutic modalities for athletic trainers' -- subject(s): Sports medicine, Sports, Therapy, Treatment, Athletic trainers, Accidents and injuries, Athletic Injuries, Athletes, Rehabilitation