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Statistics show that running backs don't last as long in a career due to injuries. One of those injuries that has been career ending is a concussion. Even though football has better equipment than they played with 10 years ago, the defensive linemen have gotten stronger and faster, resulting in more injuries to the running back.

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Q: What are your chances of gettig a concussion for a running back?
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Are the chances of getting a concussion bigger for a running back or a wide reciever?

The chances for a concussion for a running back are much greater in football due to the fact that you must lower your shoulders and run through the whole defense line.

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How can a soccer ball lead to a concussion?

If someone kicks the ball at you very hard you could possibly get a concussion. Unfortunately your neck would most likely snap back when you get hit.

What is a running back in football?

A running back is a position in football in which the ball is hiked to the running back and they then run the ball

Can a concussion stop hurting for a few days and then come back?

Absolutely. Concussion affects the brain in different ways. If you get hit on the head, it's always a good idea to get yourself checked out by a doctor. Undiagnosed concussion could affect you days r even weeks after the incident.

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