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Both Manchester United and Chelsea pay very high weekly salaries even Liverpool have high salaries for Gerrard, maschareno . But Arsenal have a control on the weekly salary.

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Q: What are wages paid by top four football clubs in premier league?
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Richest football league?

The richest football league is the Barclays Premier League. The most money, compared with other leagues, is spent on transfers and player's wages in the Premiership.

What is the median salary for Football players in the Belgian Premier League?

It depends... I think it's about 220 000 euros per year. But for example, RSCA players have wages going from 400 000 euros - 1 700 000 euros a year while other clubs in the 'Premier League' pay their players a lot less.

Wages for top four clubs in premier league?

Both Manchester united and Chelsea have big stars in their team so they pay a great deal out as wages, Liverpool have only a few like reina, Gerrard and mascherano who are costly. But arsenal have a very sensible rule for buying and their salary is also very low.

What are some opposing arguments to the lowering of sport ticket prices?

I'm from Scotland and a keen follower of Scottish football, so i'll use Scottish football as an example to explain the answer to your question. In recent years the number of people attending games has reduced dramatically, one argument to counter this is to lower the price of tickets, however this may not have a positive effect, low attendances are not just caused by high ticket prices, by reducing ticket prices this will cause a reduction in Scottish football clubs revenue and lead to an increase in unprofitably among Scottish Football clubs. By reducing ticket prices it means teams have less money to spend on players, reducing the quality that the league has. The lower standard of quality players in the league, the less likely people are going to spend their money to go and see them. This has a circular effect, meaning that due to the reduction in revenue clubs cannot afford to offer high wages to their best players, increasing the probability that the bets players in the league will go to other leagues such as the English Premier League in search of more money, further reducing the quality of the Scottish Premier League, lowering attendances further, which reduces revenues for Scottish football clubs and so on.

How many football players in the premier division are non-dom for tax purposes?

Non-doms are still liable for UK tax on UK earnings (but not overseas earning). So a non-dom premier league player should still being paying UK tax on their wages from their club. Therefore this tax dodge is probably not being used as much by premier league players as by businessmen.

A list of top 100 highest weekly wages players in Barclay English premier league?


Weekly wages of Chelsea players?

the top earners at Chelsea get up to £200,000 a week , almost 4 times the national average annual salary. The players are sucking the profits out of football. This situation can only go on for a few years before the clubs cut back the amounts earned by their players. If the Sky deal was reduced or cancelled there would be financial Armageddon in the Premier League

What is the wages of premier league referees?

£49,000 a year from the FA, plus a fee for each match. i think s

Do you think wages supplied to the National football league players should be changed?


What is the annual salaries for a professional soccer player?

They can vary. In the English Premier League, the wages can be anything from £20,000 to £200,000 per week, which is £1million to £10million per year.

Do English premier league players get paid whilst suspended?

Each contract for any English premier player will be unique to the player, but in general, because the player is in contract with the club, the club would have a duty to pay full wages to a player even if he is suspended.

Who sponsors team GB?

I'm sorry but this is not a very easy question to answer. Team GB is the name given to all Great British sporting teams, among other Great British teams in international events/competitions. Below is a list of sponsors for individual sports/categories. The Great British Swimming team is mostly sponsored by British Gas. The Great British Football Clubs are financed mostly by the Great British football league - the Barclay's Premier League and the Championship being the main sources of football revenue. Football clubs are expected to pay the wages of the players who leave to many international games. The British government also provides additional money along with numerous companies (not all from Great Britain). The Nationwide logo is currently on the England shirt. The GB Athletics teams are sponsored frequently by Aviva, though there are others who mostly sponsor individual athletes or specific athletic sports. For the Olympics, particularly for London 2012, the British government provides some money for Great British teams.

What are the wages of female football players?

There has yet to be a professional female football player.

Who created rugby league?

Rugby League was created by a group of north England clubs who broke away from the Rugby Union. This was because many players in the north moved south where there was more employment at the time. The northern clubs saw the talent draining and wanted to allow players to have money from gate fees paid to them to help supplement their poor or no wages. The RFU refused as the game would be considered Professional in that manner and they wanted to keep it amateur. The clubs in the north decided that they would create a "Rugby League" of their own and pay players, They changes team sizes and some of the rules to make it different slightly to the Union Code.

Why nurses earn lower wages than footballers that play for the top premiership clubs?

Because there are a lot more nurses than top footballers. And football draws a huge crowd while not many would pay to see a nurse work.

Is rugby paying more than football?

The wages are increasing in rugby compared to soccer and American football

What are the wages for football players?

That greatly depends on which club , and how good the player is.

What are a football players wages?

football players are payed in bags of salt. the weight of which is a ratio of how well they perform to their body weight

How much did professional soccer players get paid in the 1900s?

The AFU managed to persuade the Football Association and the Football League not to introduce maximum wages. When Liverpool won the First division championship in the 1900-01 season their players were on £7, which with bonuses could reach £10. The Football Association passed a rule at its AGM that set the maximum wage of professional footballers playing in the Football League at £4 a week. It also abolished the paying of all bonuses to players. This new rule was brought in at the beginning of the 1901-02 season.

How much money does a soccer player get a game in Europe?

The average weekly salary of a Premier League footballer is £35,000. Top players playing in european football such as Wayne Rooney, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar are on wages upwards of £250,000 per week, this does not include the millions they receive in endorsements. Players of such class do not even pay for most of their belongings as companies send them plenty of free electronics, cars and clothes in an attempt to improve their sales of products.

What are the wages of American football players?

Anywhere from 400k to 10million a year, sometimes more.

Does the rugby league salary cap include coaches salaries?

No, just to players wages.

How much so football players make?

It depends really. League 2 players could earn around £10k a week but in the prem wages go up to at least £120k a week in teams like Chelsea, man u, Liverpool & arsenal

What is a rugby players wage?

It varies. From about €30,000 to €850,000 a year full time. That's just rough. Different countries and clubs pay different wages.

How does football relate to geography?

because the topic football includes: different counties, travel, wages, money, impacts-which also all come under the topic 'geography'