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I'm from Scotland and a keen follower of Scottish football, so i'll use Scottish football as an example to explain the answer to your question.

In recent years the number of people attending games has reduced dramatically, one argument to counter this is to lower the price of tickets, however this may not have a positive effect, low attendances are not just caused by high ticket prices, by reducing ticket prices this will cause a reduction in Scottish football clubs revenue and lead to an increase in unprofitably among Scottish Football clubs.

By reducing ticket prices it means teams have less money to spend on players, reducing the quality that the league has. The lower standard of quality players in the league, the less likely people are going to spend their money to go and see them.

This has a circular effect, meaning that due to the reduction in revenue clubs cannot afford to offer high wages to their best players, increasing the probability that the bets players in the league will go to other leagues such as the English Premier League in search of more money, further reducing the quality of the Scottish Premier League, lowering attendances further, which reduces revenues for Scottish football clubs and so on.

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Q: What are some opposing arguments to the lowering of sport ticket prices?
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