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passing and dribbling

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Q: What are two ways the ball was advance up and down the court?
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What are 2 ways to advance the ball down the court in basketball?

A player can pass the ball to a player located further down the court or he can run while dribbling the ball. A player cannot move his feet while holding the ball.

What are two main ways to advance the ball on offense?

The two main ways to advance the football on offense are passing the ball and running the ball.

What are three ways to win a rally in volleyball?

Three ways that you can win a rally are: 1) Your opponents isn't able to return the ball successfully. 2) A player hits the ball down onto their court. 3) A player commits a fault when playing ball.

What are passing yards?

In American Football, the offensive team can advance down the field by one of two ways: they can run it or pass the ball. The statistics of a player or a team gained during a pass play is called passing yards.

List three ways in which a team can lose a point in volleyball?

if the serving team servs the ball into the net or out of bounds or if the receiving team let the ball hit the floor on their side of the court

How many ways can a cricket ball be bowled?

A cricket ball can be bowl in two ways in cricket.

How is volleyball related to geometry?

Many possible ways. 1. Shape of the ball and patterns on it. 2. The angle the arms and the body make when bumping the ball 3. The court size/shape 4. Anything that has to do with measurements

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How many ways to get first down?

Alot, either pass the ball, which is the best choice or run the ball. If in a long yardage situation, the best choice is to pass the ball. Another one, but also dangerous, fake punt on 4th down and run or pass it with the punter. The same on field goals.

What is a down ball?

it is a sport played a primary school where you have to hit a ball at the ground and make it in another person's square there are multiple ways to get out one it is doubles in your or you do a straight[hit it in somebody's square on the full]

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